Analyst: "I cannot imagine a PlayStation 4"

In the months leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 3 and Wii, barely a week went by without one analyst or another issuing proclamations of doom or promises of riches for both Sony and Nintendo. Now that both consoles are on the market, many investment firms' in-house game-industry experts are giving their assessments of the two companies' fortunes.

The prognostication reached a fever pitch today, when Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) shuffled its executive lineup. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) president Kaz Hirai took over the position of SCE president Ken Kutaragi, who was promoted to SCE chairman and retained the title of SCE group CEO. Hirai will also be SCE's chief operating officer, and will relocate to Sony's Tokyo headquarters from SCEA's HQ in Foster City, California.

While Sony spun the changes as a "strengthening" of its executive team, many analysts saw it as a vote of no confidence for Kutaragi's stewardship of the PlayStation 3. The high-tech console's blu-ray laser drive has been plagued by component manufacturing woes, which drastically limited supply of the console for its Japanese and North American launches, and delayed its European debut until 2007.

Some analysts went one step further, taking Hirai's succession as a harbinger of doom. No one was more pessimistic than Nomura Securities' Yuta Sakurai, who made the astounding prediction that the PlayStation 3 would be the last console Sony, the current console market-share leader, would ever make.

"The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software," said Sakurai. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation 4." According to the Financial Times, Sakurai's reasoning is that "Hirai's new global portfolio puts a predominantly software-focused manager in charge of the company." His logic is reportedly that, with the emphasis moving to software, Sony would go the way of Sega, transforming from a console-maker to a mere game publisher...

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FKN Unbelievable4364d ago

I thought it was Called Resistance: Fall of Man?

Antan4364d ago

European Games Player "I can`t imagine a PS3".............

shysun4364d ago

It's been out for only 3weeks...I think we should give it time.M$ Lost money on Xbox and never made a penny...and not one Bad press article on it....hummmm

FadeToBlack4364d ago

Could afford to lose money due to the substantial amount of money they make in ths OS division. Also note that MS did not lose as much as sony is and cut down cost alot quicker than sony will due to the technology involved. Lately Sony has not been in the best financial situation. There has to come a point and time when you cut your loses. I think it would be pretty ironic if they went the way of sega, consdiering it was sony that put the nials in their coffin.

THAMMER14364d ago

You missed all of that while you were sleeping under your PS2.

combatant4364d ago

yea, but microsoft has an endless sack of money that they can just throw away.

MicroGamer4364d ago

but they know a company in trouble when they see it. With all the other problems that Sony has been facing in the last few years and all the money they are losing to have all that compounded by a lousy PS3 launch doesn't make the picture look too rosy for investors. So of course they are going to downgrade the company in their ratings. It is very risky to put your money into Sony's hands right now.

DeathNote14364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

I've heard many "analysts" and developers opinions on PS3. A few developers claim that... the markert will be split VERY close, and that sony wont be relying on the hardware sale domination like the ps2 did. That they will really have to focus on software to gain ground and that that'd be very gard for them since they never had to before. Now, this analyst here says "Hirai’s new global portfolio puts a predominantly software-focused manager in charge of the company." What does that mean to the analyst? No ps4. But, what that means to me is... they realize they have to pump out a lot of great games to win this console war. And THAT determines if they make a ps4. Kutagari gave us nice hardware. Kaz will give us great games to keep the sony name pumping and show ps3’s potential. Hopefully on both accounts.

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