Let's celebrate American Sniper with the best sniping games

American Sniper hits the theaters all around the globe and the need to watch your enemies fall from a scope is urgent. Let's find out where we can snipe some baddies!

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler2309d ago

American sniper is a good movie anyone thinking about heading to the theaters i recommend watching it. saw it last night.

getrektedmate2309d ago

I might go next week to watch it

PoSTedUP2308d ago

i wanna see it. yall remember Silent Scope for the ps2?? best sniping game everrrr.

Ripsta7th2308d ago

If anyone wants to see it online on sub HD quality(really good)
I have a website where you can watch many movies still on theather in HD
Msg for website, btw this works on the ps4 browser

pyroxxx2308d ago ShowReplies(1)