Most Anticipated Games of 2015 (Part I)

Not every great game has already been made, and the horizon is bright with promise, especially in 2015. Here are the tantalizing treats of tomorrow as handpicked by AUTOMATON writers Aki Darwich, Daniel Sant, and Charles Battersby.

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Helloween132938d ago

Dying light was one of my Most Anticipated Games, but now with the delay in Australia I will now pass on this game, having it a month or 2 later than the yanks is complete crap

urwifeminder2938d ago

We all float down here, just dropped by for the Tim Curry pic his C&C performances crack me up what a champion fellow , will worry about games when they are close to release.

TRS_Gear2938d ago

Whats with the picture of Tim Curry? For a second I thought there was a Rocky Horror game in the makings.

SidebarTalk2938d ago

Excellent use of Dr. Frank-N-Furter to show your antici....pation.