The Top 10 Boss Battles of Last Generation

Thunderbolt writes: "Sometimes they're like a reward, sometimes they're more like a punishment, but most games feature boss encounters, to some degree, and often they incorporate the most spectacular and memorable parts of said game. Here is a rundown of what we think are ten of the very finest bosses to feature in games on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox:

10. Crimson Helm – Okami

Following the template Zelda has all but perfected over the last couple of decades, Okami is abundant with bosses waiting at the end of dungeons to challenge you and test your Celestial Brush proficiency. Far from the toughest, but arguably the finest of the bunch is this monstrous beast. Coated in flames, heavily armoured and wielding a pair of swords each sizeable enough to eviscerate heroine Amaterasu, this brute's bark may be worse than his bite but he's still the most brilliantly-designed and enjoyable boss encounter in a game full of them."

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Megaton3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

One of the better internet lists I've seen. Agree with a lot of it.

Rock Bottom3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I have to agree, the list was surprisingly accurate...

Though I would like to some ZOE bosses, that game has some of the best of em.

Rikitatsu3755d ago

Ganondorf is taking 3rd place while Okami's "crimson helm" is the last place ? are they on crack ?

znu3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

No sephiroth
from Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?

Oh it's only ps2, gamecube and xbox thus FF7 doesn't count but still in both KH 1 and 2 Sephiroth was really hard

Megaton3755d ago

He was easy in KH2, but I still haven't beaten him in KH1.

znu3755d ago

you know i was just about to change my comment, he was really easy in kh2 COMPARED to the hades paradox cup which was kinda insane.

He was alot harder in KH1 though, true

Megaton3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

That's the only battle I can't beat on Proud difficulty. It's the last thing standing in my way of completing Jiminy's Journal. I always die against the 4 Final Fantasy characters.

znu3755d ago

they're pretty tough, it's just about running around, always casting curaga and having that shield spell i can remember i think reflectaga

that way when leon attacks you he returns the damage to himself, u take him out then the others one by one, yuffie should be the last one, not too hard

I didn't bother finsihing the journal but i did beat every hard battle on proud mode so i'm happy, the hades paradox cup ending is bad though, u face hades who's incredibly weak compared to other battles before.

Megaton3755d ago

Yeah I know, I beat the Hades Paradox on the other difficulty. Was a lot easier.

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Polluted3755d ago

I was just checking the list to make sure they had the minotaur from God of War and I happened to see Ridley in there. That was an awesome battle. Nice choices.

Skerj3755d ago

I knew The End had to be on there, I believe Anubis should have been as well in ZoE2 or Inhert. Still a good list though.

znu3755d ago

What about the sorrow, I got it by luck
You have no idea what to do and the only way is to check up on the net or get lucky

I failed that part so many times :(

but got it eventually by pressing random buttons :)

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