PlayStation Exclusive: New PS Games for 20-01-2015

Here we have an exclusive news from PS, Be Ready because 3rd Street Saints are back in business and ready to board upon a dangerous mission through fire, brimstone, and a legion of tormented souls.

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Jerrymonics2078d ago

lool , i was waiting for R.E for my Ps from a long period of time , ThankGod Got it

Jerrymonics2078d ago

btw the list not much sounds a good one from PS as you written in your title

Dreaming-Art2078d ago

Agree with you there is nothing in the list

Kiwi662078d ago

That title seems a bit misleading and they should have that Saints Row is also going to be on other platforms not just playstation

KillerPwned2077d ago

Preordered Resident Evil on PS4 and sometime will get Saints Row cannot wait to relieve the classic horror!!!!

2077d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.