ESRB Details Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 and Xbox One Is The First Mature-Rated Final Fantasy

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the first Final Fantasy title to receive a “M for Mature” rating, and today the ESRB released the rating details, revealing the reasons.

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Snookies123444d ago

I'm excited to check this one out. Was going to play the unofficial English patch on an emulator, but decided to just wait it out. Good thing too! Considering I'll be getting the FFXV demo as well!

killacal133444d ago

OMG, I was justr saying how FF XV should keep the blood of the previous trailers and stuff, and how FF should go from T to M because most of the fanbase is older now and we need more mature, deep stories. I hope this becomes a trend. Just check out my previous comments to see that this is what has been on my mind for some time.

Snookies123444d ago

To be fair, you can still tell a dark and incredible story with a "teen" rating. However, I am quite excited to see how a more mature rating will open things up. It'll be very interesting to see!

trenso13444d ago

i played it in japanese and then the english patch, it is such an amazing game for what it was on the psp and i can't wait for the hd version

ThunderPulse3444d ago

FInally an M-Rated FF its been time to move on from the T rating.

IxWoodstockxI3444d ago

Yea I want a dark final fantasy game

Kalebninja3444d ago

what does the rating have to do with anything? what should matter is if the story and gameplay are good. "move on from the T rating" is just the talk of an ignorant gamer who believes that the more explicit content the better the game.

LAWSON723444d ago

Considering just blood and violence score a mature rating, it does not mean much. Also I seriously doubt the story would be any worse if the game was rated T.

Kurisu3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I'm so damn ready for this game! Can't wait.

F0XHOUND3444d ago

Awesome, played it in Japanese a while back.... was epic run but couldn't understand everything. Really can't wait for a deep immersive jrpg on ps4, the demo is a bonus.... which I'm also eager to play to death lol! This, FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3 is literally almost 10 years of waiting!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3444d ago

Jeepers. That's a lot of M-rated stuff in that description.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review – Zero Regrets

Gary Green said: After finally getting the long-overdue platinum trophies for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and XV, I wondered if I could manage another. Despite a few blunders, it’s a franchise worth showing off in your collection. I had to find another game with a realistically achievable platinum, which sadly rules out quite a few. Fortunately, I didn’t have far to look as I dusted off Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which was, in fact, my very first PS4 game, and one that’s aging surprisingly well.

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Type-0 Is The Darkest Final Fantasy Ever Made

DS: “I hate that Type-0 is forgotten among the Final Fantasy games. While not the strongest entry, its mature story makes it stand out from the others. And even though Final Fantasy now has three rated M games — including Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Final Fantasy XVI, — Type-0 will always have the crown of being the first, and arguably the darkest.”

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gold_drake378d ago

i agree that it is indeed dark, but it has its issues.

and i feel like the ending is what makes it really a dark final fantasy game.

the rest is more or less war where teenagers fight.

377d ago
fsfsxii377d ago

This game was the epitome of the FF dark age pretty much, was hella boring and the gameplay was tedious. I'm glad SE got the series back on track

gold_drake377d ago

well, it was more of a spin off rly.
especially after they dropped the fabula nova crystalis stuff

H9377d ago

I actually really love this game, the main problem however was that the entire story and personality of the characters, was in the lore that you need to dig very deep to find and external materials outside of the game, honestly it has my favorite lore in the franchise, I wish they had made the game more story focused, god it would have been a masterpiece


This Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Mod Runs The Game At 120 FPS

The PC port of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD had many problems, and now a new mod fixes them and lets you play at 120 FPS.

jznrpg549d ago

120fps is overrated and totally unnecessary for these types of games . 60fps is more than plenty

KrillinShine549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

That's subjective, I'll take 120fps if the hardware can handle it over 60fps if given the option. Nothing wrong with liking smoother visuals.

jznrpg549d ago (Edited 549d ago )

120fps will make most games suffer someway . If it doesn’t sure great 120fps but if it takes anything away from it I’d rather have 60fps . For online shooters I get it but for RPGs I’d rather have more detail and such and 60fps instead of losing some of that and 120fps .
I played DMC at 120fps and I couldn’t tell the difference myself besides that the graphics were worse .

KrillinShine549d ago

You're missing the point - to some people 120fps is more pleasing to the eye than sharper visuals, higher texture quality and/or AO. No harm in giving people the option for it, mod or not.

Also, you couldn't tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps? Are you sure you have a monitor that supports 120fps? It's a night and day difference to me.

eddieistheillest549d ago

This looks great.