Wii U’s Huge Sales Spike, 2.6 Million Amiibo Sold, Thoughts on Majora’s Mask Scalping – WiR 1/17/15

In this week's episode, Shawn Long takes a look at Wii U's impressive December sales, the massive amount of amiibo sales since release, and shares some thoughts on both the Nintendo Direct and Majora's Mask scalpers! Stick around till the end of the episode for a giveaway!

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remixx1162104d ago

I would kill for a majoras mask re-imagining kinda like the ratchet and clank reboot.

Kevlar0092104d ago

Alternate timeline where the moon does crash into Termina, but instead of destroying everything, shatters the planet, Link a few generations down the line has to restore the planet.

Mr Pumblechook2104d ago

Whilst I'm not exclusively into Nintendo I really liked that video. The guy, Shaun, is passionate about Nintendo, knowledgeable and is down to Earth.

thehobbyist2104d ago

shattered planet and restoring the planet is the goal. You've just described Star Fox Adventures

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FromTheAshes2104d ago

Tip of the hat to Nintendo. At least Nintendo's games aren't incomplete or ridden with glitches. From now until they make their next console, Sony and Microsoft better keep on their toes. Don't sleep on Nintendo.

DarXyde2104d ago

I personally own one, but I think my siblings have a few of their own. I'd have to call and ask them haha.

I think it's a lot like Pokemon games where you'd be hard pressed to get everything from one purchase so multiple investments from a single consumer is a surefire way to make some revenue.

Good for Nintendo; they've created something of a hot commodity with amiibos. Sure, there are scalpers, but there are also a lot of average consumers who will use these to enhance their games, like myself.

Beats Disney Infinity or Skylanders which require the reading peripheral and heavy investments into a single title. Amiibos have a more universal function and I think with the New 3DS supporting them, they'll be more accessible and are bound to sell even more.

Now we just need some that aren't just Smash characters (I.e., Skull Kid or Ridley).

DryBoneKoopa852104d ago

Nintendo just announced a new line of Amiibo in their latest direct. They're called the Super Mario World set. Toad is brand new to that set. I think they will be launching around the same time Mario Party 10 comes out which is in March.

DarXyde2104d ago

Thanks for letting me know! I missed the latest direct and have been remiss in keeping up with any recent news.

In that case, I wonder if there will be a Starfox set and a set specifically for Zelda Wii U (considering that there's already a Link that works with Smash and Hyrule Warriors).

Either way, Nintendo has done pretty well in finding a pretty good source of revenue. I hope they're successful in the long term.

jholden32492104d ago

You missed the Direct?

You MUST watch this trailer then. You simply must!!!

New Fire Emblem

jcnba282104d ago

Can't wait for that game, I've already watched the trailer like 10 times now lol

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