Saints Row IV PS4 vs PC Video shows PS4 Visual improvements

A comparison video which shows off the PS4 visual improvements in Saints Row IV Re-Elected over the PC version of Saints Row IV.

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Gamer19821373d ago

1:20 look at the lead characters butt.. (feel wrong for pointing that are out..) PS4 has a butt that looks like its out of virtua fighter its pointed and not rounded like on PC. Also doesn't say PC settings used but after playing on PC I would say high.

MasterCornholio1373d ago

It clearly says ultra settings in the video.


ATi_Elite1373d ago

Played the Pc version at 4k resolution and the ps4 version isn't even close for this not too graphical game.

No more ps4 vs Pc comparisons unless the Pc version is at least 1440p or higher.

pumpactionpimp1373d ago

I'm playing this right now. Pc to my 42in tv on ultra with a 360 controller. Looks like the ps4 isn't to far off. Either way a fun game.

Lon3wolf1373d ago

Good to see they have made improvements (although they have had a year to implement them in so they should of been expected), thinking of buying this on PC though as this weekend Steam have a great deal on the whole PC SR franchise:


NarooN1373d ago

PS4 version looks to be about the same as PC on Ultra. Not that it's saying much since you could play SR4 on Ultra on even cheap GPU's, but the game looks great either way.

Locknuts1373d ago

Looks the same to me. So the PS4 can run last gen games at 1080p/60fps. Current gen at 1080p/30fps. Pretty disappointing from 'The world's most powerful console'.

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