Wii U and Nintendo Utterly Dominate NeoGAF's Game of the Year 2014 Awards; Conquer First 3 Places

NeoGAF is one of the most well known gaming discussion environments of the net, and every year the many users of the forums are called to vote on their Game of the Year. The 2014 edition was organized by timetokill, who has been taking care of the awards since 2009.

Today the results of the vote have been posted, counting a whopping 1252 voters. While the most anticipated award for 2015 seemed mostly a vote of confidence for PS4 games (even if Nintendo did fairly well too), the Wii U completely demolished the competition for this year.

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Metallox3414d ago

Is Sunset Overdrive really a shooter? Looks more like a regular action game, do you shoot all the time?

And that Bayonetta 2 domination, awesome, I agree with it:

Magicite3414d ago

its funny that even all these high scoring wiiU games cant attract ppl to buy consoles.

kwandar3414d ago

I always learned that you determine the software you want to run, THEN you buy the computer that runs it.

This generation seems to be going great guns at the hardware without considering the software (although I don't think Wii U software really started standing out till May).

That being said ... I'm extremely happy with the Wii U.

N4g_null3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Sounds sensible to me! They make great games, you may want a more powerful console but many can't afford that. Otherwise we all would be on pc. It sucks because everyone can't get two consoles ethier and many are just stuck with an xbone or ps4 so they won't be able to play these games.

Chrischi19883414d ago

Yeah, most people just like hating on the Wii U, because it makes you cool, at least they think so. But on the otherhand, they miss out on so many great titles. I know we miss out on titles, too, but honestly, who owns only a Wii U? I guess most still have a PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360, for which you get most of the other games on.

generalthadeape3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


Not exactly true.

I actually bought my Wii U two days ago.

Got it mainly to compliment my Xbox One and to play with my 3 year old son & 7 year old grandson.

So far, the system is really nice and Hyrule Warriors works well with the Pro Controller.

That new Mario game that came preinstalled on the system is fantastic.

I was really trying to wait for a $50 price drop before buying a Wii U but then I remembered I had enough GameStop points to get $50 off anything in the store code and then I said, "What the hell".

It almost feels like I'm cheating on my Xbox One, but I'm really looking forward to some playing time on my Wii U once I get a few chores done this morning.

Kudos to Nintendo for pulling a seriously old school NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube gamer back into thier realm!

knickstr3414d ago

That's because there is no diversity in the games. The games are great for the people that are fans of nintendo. Nothing to offer for people that aren't as interested in their first party titles.

Gamer19823414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

The thing with nintendo is they have great games you cannot deny it however they are great for a reason as most of there games are not new. they are tried and tested over several games (Mario Partys on 10 and Kart is on 7 I think?) So they know what makes great games however most gamers outside the hardcore Nintendo bunch are bored of smash/kart etc.. now.. It's nice they try and change up there mario titles with 2d and 3d titles however I think if you don't like Mario and the gang your not going to play the games.

People are getting bored of the same games now even though they are great and can only get something really differnt outside of 1st partys and thats where the problem clearly lies. So it's not that the games aren't great. They are.. It's just people are getting bored of them now.

I love my wiiU and have smash and mario kart but I still prefer and go back to Mario Kart DD on Gamecube and Smash on wii. As they were superior versions for me... Theres not enough on the new games to make me play them once I have everything unlocked etc..

REDDURT3414d ago

Not funny but a harsh reality that Nintendo is just lost in translation with you average gamer. I see most are just in nostalgia for the most part when it comes to Nintendo.Gaming has changed and in order to stay relevant they must also.

Loadedklip3414d ago

They do ... but content wise it just cannot compete with xbox or playstation overall due to lack of third party support.

Take away the third party support for ps4 and XB1 ... would u expect them to sell?

indyman77773413d ago (Edited 3413d ago )

I see a LOT of douchebag comments on this thread. People with very very out of touch opinions that Nintendo's competition want you to believe. So you will not try them. Do people actually believe Nintendo are selling the same old games without them being modern, with great changes to them? Really? Your that gullible?

The Nintendo games are not what they used to be, they have evolved. They have only kept the titles, because people get hyped over call of duty xx more than they will a totally new title. Nintendo has 3d, shooters, and VERY new, and INGENIOUS! Gameplay.

But we have the brainwashed spreading the very lies that brain washed them to everyone else! huh!?

Yeah I'd get the other consoles, but Nintendo has an awesome amount of games. I still need a ps3 for my console jrpg's though, and ps4 for best graphics, and second son, and Xbox one for sunset, and halo 5.

I'm stalking the wiiu after my umpteen demo tryout. I just can't believe it has not dropped in price yet. At this point I may have to buy now, or wait until Christmas 2015....hmmm which is not possible.

hears door shut before colts game.

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user55757083414d ago

no real surprise here they released some fantastic games this year. I'm kicking myself right now for buying the over-hyped watch dogs and destiny. should have just bought a WiiU.

kwandar3414d ago

Not too late. Get it now, quickly while you can pick up Metroid Trilogy for $10 and Darksiders 2 for $8 :)

That and a great pack-in like MarioKart and Smash will keep you busy.

3-4-53414d ago

Got a XB1 to go with my Wii U, and from the games I've seen or played, the list is fairly accurate.

* Nintendo has a good amount of High Quality games, but the Video Games Media just doesn't want you to know that or think that.

* So most of them report "doom & Gloom" because it gets hits.

* People then base purchases off that, thinking Nintendo Wii U isn't a good system, when in fact it is.

* Go ask anybody who owns a Wii U how they thought about it before and after their purchase of the Wii U.

* I've yet to talk to somebody who tried it who wasn't almost immediately perma-smiling in game.

Aceman183413d ago

I have a Wii U as my second console to my PS4, I haven't used it in a while because I'm waiting for Zelda, fire emblem and xenoblade.

I'm not really interested in smash and Mario kart. I really didn't like bayonetta when I played it on 360.

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Geobros3414d ago

Wow!!!! # first games are Wii U games. WTF??? Not even to Wii console we didnt see a so good rank from gamer's choice.

Kumomeme3414d ago

why so suprise?
what this biased impression

beside,you think there no original wii games doesnt get good score and praised from industry?
there are few good games and really good rpg on wii

this years also had awesome games come to wii u too

MasterCornholio3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Wii U did have a very impressive year in terms of games. And I really cant disagree with the choices especially Bayonetta 2.

Hopefully this will stop people calling Neogaf "Sonygaf". As you can see its just a forum where gamers of all types post. Glad to see Nintendo get some recognition there.

No_Limit3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Well, there arn't really any compelling PS4 exclusives in 2014 so Sonygaf..I mean Neogaf have no choice but to give it to the least of the two evils. They sure wouldn't give any Xbox exclusives the top spot and they can't really give it the Driveclub or LBP3 as those are not really GOTY materials games. So yes, they are still Sonygaf IMO.

If you look at the top 20 list, Driveclub is at #20 and Forza Horizon 2 is not on there. Anyone with credibility knows which racing game should be on there.

Please don't kid yourself as I've have been a member of that forum for many years now and I have seen many people that supported the Xbox brand or say anything remotely considered offensive towards Sony, they are banned instantly. That was the case then and still the case now.

MasterCornholio3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

"Please don't kid yourself as I've have been a member of that forum for many years now and I have seen many people that supported the Xbox brand or say anything remotely considered offensive towards Sony, they are banned instantly. That was the case then and still the case now."

I'm not a member but I visit the forums regulary. The people who get banned are usually the ones who constantly troll and make up BS. I've seen PlayStation trolls and Xbox trolls succumb to the ban hammer.

The only reason why your doing this is that you want to display Xbox trolls as matrys and make people feel sorry for them. I dont support trolls from any camp and I constantly bubble them down due to the violation of the rules of this forum.

Hopefully you do the same thing instead of defending them.

Kumomeme3414d ago

what a kiddy comment ,especially when he tried hard to cover himself by asking others to not be kid...also what with suddenly questioning and claiming there are biased elements on the gaf?

stop make it sound like what you said is the true
sorry fanboys,your games didn't live up to expectation

Takwin3414d ago

Nintendo deserves to be honored for the quality they continue to produce across both systems and multiple genres. We will look back on this gen and see that Nintendo would've won if they would have had a 8 GB RAM and cheapo laptop processor like the other two. I hope the suits in Japan see that is all that takes for a generational win.

1. Make a console on par with the lowest of XBox/PS
2. Do Nintendo first-party stuff
3. Profit/Win

R00bot3414d ago

Woah. Congratulations Nintendo, that's a great sweep! That's actually really, really impressive.