Adventure Time: The Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom Review | TSA

"The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is the third Adventure Time game from developer WayForward and is also undoubtedly their best effort so far. After an average side scrolling adventure and a dire dungeon crawler, Nameless Kingdom wholly embraces its roots and wears its Zelda inspired trappings on its sleeve.

Item based progression, puzzling boss battles, and an overworld riddled with secrets will instantly appeal to those looking for their next fix of adventuring before Link and the gang show up again, but a couple of irritating niggles will constantly remind you that you’re playing a pale imitation. Only the zany dialogue, brilliant voice acting from the cast of the Adventure Time series, and humorous twists on a well established genre makes this title stand out at all, and that’s provided you’re already a fan of the cartoon as well."

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