PS3 to get upscaled DVDs, 1080p/24, SACD

From : "So the PlayStation 3 wasn't exactly the most flexible high def device out of the gate; despite Sony's claims, DVDs aren't upscaled, there's no component out, and from what we've heard, even though its HDMI 1.3 output technically supports 1080p/24 (for the uninitiated, that's 24fps to match a film master print), we understand it's not yet playable as such. (Note: we've yet to try 1080p/24, as we don't have any media mastered thusly.) However, this could change according to a translated Impress interview of Sony PS3 A/V developers. Obviously something is bound to be lost in translation, but if the text reads correctly then the PS3 will not only be getting software SACD support, but it'll also get user-selectable internal YCrCb image processing (instead of RGB -- although we've yet to hear of component output plans), 1080p/24 support, and will finally allow for DVD upscaling as well."

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4342d ago

PS3 should of had this out of the box, Sony and their LIES.

highps34342d ago

what are you talking about? Xbox 360 doesnt do it? Oh yea Via VGA who the hell uses that for HDTV?

I rather have upscaled dvds via HDMI. You can have your washed out VGA cable.

On top of that it had High Def DVDs out of the box so? Whats your point? Atleast its getting it.

As of now the 360 wont EVER have HDMI quality or even digital for that matter.

Component = Analog
VGA = Analog
HDMI = Digital

Asuka4342d ago

This topic has nothing to do with 360, so your off-topic. Please stay on topic from now on, thanks for your cooperation.

On Topic:
Sony shouldn't have had this problem in the first place because they promised this out of the box, but then again, production of a electronics and software never go the way you want them to, so there is always going to be some problems.

Have to give sony some credit for actually attempting to fix the problem though.

Thugbot1874342d ago

Microsoft Never claimed this and this article isn't even about the Xbox360.

marcusfenix4341d ago

Upscales DVD through Component as well. KNOW YOUR FACTS!!! It upscales through all available hook ups. I know, watch the lord of the rings return of the king, believe me you will see a difference.

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VirtualGamer4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

Hopefully this won't take Sony to long to get out in a update. I for one was hoping they could make it so the PS3 would upscale DVD's so that I would not have to buy a stand alone DVD player that upscales to 1080p as I don't want to replace my existing DVD collection.

Maddens Raiders4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

good read. I saw something about this earlier in email, but didn't have time to read it. SACD support will help, but I hope that the user-selectable internal YCrCb image processing is REAL. Man, am I tired of having to memorize the category ticks of the XBR while I transfer one of my units from an HDMI enabled Bravia to my smaller component/DV-I equipped WEGA if I'm going on the road. I either have to remember the ticks perfectly (which I nearly have) or hook up to the HDMI LCD first - convert the video and audio output settings and then fire up on another TV in component RGB mode. Why it doesn't automatically detect is beyond me, but this is my biggest gripe with SONY by far. If I kept it on the same TV for months on end, then it wouldn't matter much, but I'm a mobile gamer and its kind of a pain in the arse. The upscaled DVD playback is a nice touch - thanks for the clip.

aiks254342d ago

So is this gonna be done by a software patch?

bambam19014342d ago

Very interested to see what 1080p24 will look like on a tv that can display it.

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