Gears of War VGA bug fixed, set aside for future update

Mark Rein dropped into the Epic Forums last night to let VGA cables users know that the Gears of War aspect ratio issue has been fixed. Gamers playing on non-widescreen monitors have experienced squashed aspect ratios since the game shipped. A patch will be included in the next Gears update, which has yet to be scheduled. Rein added that Epic is still working on additional features for the update.

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ZeroAlarm4365d ago

We've been waiting for this for ages!
It's cool how the head of Epic personally came and offered his apologies - great community

tom15954365d ago

yay. i use vga. its fun!

highps34365d ago

Enough of this VGA kiddy stuff. Update to HDMI already its really annoying any new HDTV has HDMI. Even as low as $699 lcdtvs have HDMI.

Seriously where is the HDMI cable this is pathetic. Not about to use a cable that washes out all colors.

Just release your 99.99 hdmi cable. If you cant then mabe a made a wrong choice in my purchase. I was expecting next gen, not a cable I used mabe 5 years ago.

Everything I own is either DVI or HDMI. Seriously step it up.

PS360PCROCKS4365d ago

lol "highps3" your name says it all bro, I dont need to knock your comment and label it with "fanboyism" cause you make it blatantly obvious buddy, go to your ps3 and shutup, I do have HDMI and would like HDMI but I wont cry over it

BIadestarX4365d ago

My big computer flat panel does not have HDMI. I'm happy that you are happy with not having VGA support for your lovely PS3. But how about letting us have the option of using VGA. Soon the 360 will have HDMI and guess what we will also have the option of VGA.

Bill Nye4364d ago

Hmm. I haven't had any problems using VGA with my LCD monitor. Or maybe I have and didn't notice!

death monk4364d ago

the problem is if you use a non widescreen resolution such as 1024x768 the image is widescreen, but noticeably squished. even though my monitor isn't widescreen I use the 1280x720 resolution and adjust my vertical height to make it widescreen.

Bill Nye4364d ago

Well I just set the output on my 360 to 1280x1024 and it worked fine for Gears of War.