Diablo 3 now a 'theoritical possibility' on consoles

Despite a previous straight-out denial about Diablo 3 being on consoles, semi-contradictory reports have been leaking out in the press stating otherwise. A couple of days ago Blizzard COO Paul Sams told the Guardian he "do(esn't) know yet."

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Chris Hansen5558d ago

Knowing Blizzard and the looks of the gameplay trailer, Diablo 3 will probably run on a crappy 1GHz CPU and 512MB ram computer. I'm sure everyone will be able to play it on their computers, so a console port is quite pointless. Why the hell would anyone want to play Diablo using a controller anyway? I guess it might work for PS3 since it supports keyboard and mouse...

Dateline NBC,
Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen5558d ago

@Adriana Lima

Sir, why don't you take a seat, right over there.

Baba19065558d ago

i would love it on ps3. my pc hates games.

rakgi5558d ago

The Diablo series is great and I would love to play it on my PS3...btw omg that was hilarious Chris BUBBLE

Scarfy5558d ago (Edited 5558d ago )

"Why the hell would anyone want to play Diablo using a controller anyway?"

1) Wireless
2) Couch
3) 32" HDTV

Seriously, that beats sitting hunched over, two feet away from a PC monitor screen any day.

aftrdark215558d ago

Played the first one on PS1 and loved the co-op. If they bring it to consoles w/online co-op I'll be all over it.

ThanatosDMC5558d ago (Edited 5558d ago )

I'd rather have it on the consoles rather than PC since pirate rapes are rampant. Also, keyboard and mouse support for the PS3...

morganfell5558d ago


You do realize Sony supports keyboard and mouse and that decision is left to the developer to decide? You know this, correct?

Obama5558d ago

I would rather play it on my comp. Haven't upgraded it since 5 years ago but I think it can handle diablo 3 fine. P4 1024 ram, x800.

mepsipax5558d ago

I don't really care as long as it's a port and nothing but, it should have same interface same controls on the pc and I'll be happy, I think it would be great if it went to consoles, more money for blizzard to make better games, but can someone tell me how diablo worked on PSX? did you directly control the character with the directional pad, or did you control a cursor?

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Bordel_19005558d ago

He goes on to say it depends on whether "console owners would allow PC players to play against console gamers"

Well, I guess that rules out the X360 then.

Ghoul5558d ago

yes and no

with live anywhere (if its going to work ever) they would ahve a pretty solid base for crossplatform playing.

BUT blizzard has its own battle.net and wont let them be forced by ms to give it up for a live service

on the other hand the ps3 is an open plattform allowing mouse and keyboard.

we will seee, no matter where d3 will arrive i will play the crap out of it :D

Rooted_Dust5558d ago

I don't think it's too much of an issue about playing against. You did have the ability to pvp a little bit, but there was no serious player vs player fighting. The multiplayer game is mostly for co-op. In which case console gamers should be happy to have players that can control the characters better with the mouse and keyboard control scheme.

TheXgamerLive5558d ago

as we all know that PC VS Xbox 360 games are being made and are already out, but no such thing for the ps3.

So you were wrong bordello 1900.

mesh15558d ago

game for windows shadowrun on the 360 can be played with pc players but on my ps3 i have no game that can play against pc owners

morganfell5558d ago

Xgamer, you do realize that Blizzard has solidified that cross platform would only occur is all things were equal on both platforms and they specifically mentioned controls. That means unless MS decided to provide an update to the 360 to create keyboard and mouse compatibility in games then it won't happen. No cross platform on the 360 and no stand alone.

Remember that keyboard and mouse is something MS wouldn't let their own internal game studios do for Shadowrun. The odds of them instituting for a 3rd party are so far down the rung I can't see that bottom step. They wouldn't let mod support in for UT3 and decided 5 maps was a great tradeoff. KB/M? Not a snowball's chance in hell.

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fermcr5558d ago

I don't care if it goes to consoles... i just want the damm game on my PC, and the sooner the better :)

Rooted_Dust5558d ago (Edited 5558d ago )

I don't care if they put it on consoles. This is one developer that I don't have to worry about them making the game mediocre for the PC. Plus this game is going to sell like crazy, so monetary gain isn't a huge issue.

SixTwoTwo5558d ago

At least for now so they can focus and optimize for that platform and make Diablo III the best game it can be. I know Blizzard is Blizzard but we see it time and time again that when a developer focuses on one platform the games come out better.

BoneMagnus5558d ago

Diablo 3 would be a huge hit on consoles, and could even be GOTY material.

aftrdark215558d ago

I know I'd buy it! Got like 2-4 friends I know would get it too for online co-op.