Destiny: The Dark Below Review | RPGFan

"Personally, I am a rather hardcore Destiny player. But in the public at large, despite the pre-release hype, reaction to Bungie's MMOFPSRPG has been mixed at best. The excellent gameplay elements and shooting mechanics are held back by repetitive game design and marred by lackluster story and writing. When you have Peter Dinklage and Nathan Fillion in your voice cast, it doesn't take much creative savvy to realize that any fault in the storytelling does not lie with the actors. However, even with these flaws, Destiny has maintained a respectable momentum, and Bungie seems to be hoping to continue their modest success with expansions to extend the game's lifespan. The first of their expansions, The Dark Below, promises extra story missions, strikes, and raids for a rather audacious asking price."

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