Pandora’s Tower And Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Coming To Wii U eShop Too

Nintendo has plans to bring even more of their Wii games as Wii U downloads in Japan. In addition to Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is available now, Donkey Kong Country Returns comes out on January 21. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is next slated for January 28.

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acekaze2348d ago

In the nintendo direct i followed from my country, this was also announced, including donkeykong that releases january 22 i think, so this isnt only in Japan, but in Europe also i believe.

Abash2348d ago

I want Kirby Return to Dreamland to release on the Wii U for download, completely missed out on the game

wonderfulmonkeyman2348d ago

That sounds wonderful, except for one very crucial thing...

Pandora's Tower hasn't received a fix for that horrendous freezing bug near the end of the game.

Don't get me wrong; I love that game to DEATH. It's WONDERFUL up until that point.
But I've never been able to finish it because of that freezing bug.

eyeofcore2348d ago

Since its download I hope that they fixed it...

Pandora's Tower and Sin & Punishment Star Successor are best core games on Wii

MilkMan2348d ago

I was about to post the same thing. What I am hoping is that the devs are aware of this and now digitally they can patch this mess up. This would be such a delight. Man Nintendo came out gunz blazing this year.

addictedtochaos2348d ago

I have all these games on disc, but I am seriously debating buying them again.

Summons752348d ago

Awesome! Hopefully The Last Story will get released too. I can understand them not putting up Xenoblade seeing as they will focus on the N3DS port but at least give the best of the 3 to us, Last Story was amazing and I really hope for a sequel.

iplay1up22348d ago

Okay, could we get some GameCube games now? We can play old Wii games on Wii U, but not GameCube games. I put my old Wii in another room, and would have to go in there to play my Cube games, I'd rather just have a digital copy.

Better yet, give a few GameCube games a HD make over, Like WWHD.

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