PoSTedUP3422d ago

persona3 AND persona 4. this list is So Win = ].

Grandia also made me forget about real life for a while. it's like a great book that you cant put down.

3-4-53422d ago

* FE:Awakening
* Dragon Quest 9

DragoonsScaleLegends3422d ago

I became addicted to The Legend of Dragoon for days.

PoSTedUP3422d ago

that's a great one that im playing through for the first time now. the battle system is addicting and story is amazing so far (just beat that snake/serpent thing in the cave).

DragoonsScaleLegends3422d ago

I really need to play it again since it's been years. I was hoping I could play it on my PS4 instead of on my PS3 but of course Sony has not said anything about PS1 emulation so I might have to hook up my PS3 again.

PoSTedUP3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

yeah that'd be crazy if ppl have to rebuy ps1 games just to play them again on the ps4. it's a good thing i have em all on my vita. it's BS because they marketed FF7 at PSEx like there was actually more than 6 people who haven't bought FF7 this whole time it was on the store for psp, ps vita and ps3 just in hopes that ppl would be dumb enough to rebuy it.

No_Limit3422d ago

My favorite RPG of all time is Shining Force 3. It is unique and has 3 full scenarios. I must have spent literally 1 month straight playing that game on the Sega Saturn with an english translation guide. Those were the days.

contradictory3422d ago

I have a relatively big chunks of my life missing when Persona 3 FES and 4 were released... and it happened the 3rd time when Persona 4 Golden came out

i wonder if Persona 5 will be as time consuming game as it's predecessors..

PoSTedUP3422d ago

*walks around looking for missing chunks of life*

tulholdren3422d ago

JRPG's have made me forget about life many times over.

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SDuck271d ago

Years ago, I was emulating the game on my laptop and the old thing died when I was about to get to the final boss. I'm more than happy to buy this remake when it comes out so I can finish it!

TheColbertinator271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

At the time I was immersed in SMT Nocturne and later DDS. I did not realize at all how important Persona would become for me years later.

raWfodog270d ago

Persona 3 FES was the first one that I played in the series. Looking forward to the remake.