Resident Evil 7 or The Evil Within 2 - Mikami's Next Survival Horror

To many, Shinji Mikami is the god of survival horror within the gaming industry. He is a master of suspense and bizarre surroundings, turning everyday locations into nightmarish horror houses for us to survive in. As I find myself in the 12th chapter of The Evil Within, I'm wondering where this director's future will take him. Is he happy to make The Evil Within another one-off title like Shadows of the Damned and Vanquish? Or shall he make The Evil Within 2 or return to save Capcom's awful streak with Resident Evil 7?

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DarkOcelet3063d ago

Since The Evil Within is believed to have sold 3.10 millions according to VGchartz which i am pretty sure they sold more. This could mean a sequel is definitely on the way. Hopefully it's like Resident Evil 2 and tops almost everything from the first game. Only time will tell.

gantarat3063d ago

Dude, VGChartz isn't credible

punctualdork3062d ago

Why are people giving so many down votes? VGchartz isn't credible. They don't get their numbers from consumer market research firms. They are estimates.

Seriously, this isn't news.

Ripsta7th3062d ago

Gantarat- its only credible when it shows the ps4 outselling the xb1

gangsta_red3063d ago


RE6 and Evil Within were both very disappointing.

I'll be looking towards the new Silent Hill to get my horror fix.

DarkOcelet3063d ago

Highly disagree. I loved The Evil within, enjoyed my time with it and most definitely welcome a second part of that chaotic world in which i believe will change when it become current gen exclusive. The graphics will most definitely be phenomenal, hopefully they change that horrendous engine they were working on and it will not have technical issues and polished like RE4 was. That said, i am pretty excited to see Silent hills as well.

The_Devil_Hunter3063d ago

I agree, the evil within was a very underrated game yet it was absolutely fantastic. It was one of my favorite games of the year.

3063d ago
masterfox3063d ago

None, RE its main problem is Capcom itself, Evil Within I see it as an average game, dunno who idea was that throwing buckets of blood everywhere and putting those horrible black bars(I'm seeing you 1886 too) was a good idea. I tried to like the Evil Within saw lots of streams and videos, tried to find something that appeal to me but I didn't find none, still in the long road will try it when is on a bargain.

hkgamer3063d ago

those black bars were to boost performance without the need of upscaling and also give it a different feel.

ive heard some pc gamers with bigger monitors actually like having those black bars. i havent played evil within yet but i will play 1886. so i will hold my judgement about those black bars until i experience it myself.

Assassingamer1363063d ago

Did anybody bother reading? If it were in Mikami's hands would ou take RE7 or Evil within 2? Resident evil 7 might be more horror based with him help developing it.

Master-H3063d ago

The Evil Within laid a good foundation (7.5-8/10 imo). With a proper next gen engine and more polish than this one (framerate, the camera,and the screen ratio made for a really annoying combo in this one), and some good time in the oven, maybe the next one can reach Resident Evil 4's level of greatness. Neither were what I'd really call scary though.

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