More than 30 new games announced by Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata through Nintendo Direct 1.14.2015

Gp: "In the new year, 2015, we did not hear much from the king of hand-held consoles, Nintendo. But this changed just a few minutes back as Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata released a new Nintendo Direct video. "

ZeroX98763065d ago

Plus in the list, there's the amiibos, the new 3ds, hyrule warriors DLC, etc.

there's a couple of new games, just not 30

Jag-T10003065d ago

There's like only 10. The rest are figures, system bundles, and old game re-releases. Somebody can't count.

3-4-53065d ago

* Was surprised by Fire Emblem....can't wait for that.

Magicite3065d ago

Nintendo stock greatly fell after this direct, it wasnt impressive.

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hduce3065d ago

I definitely want that Xenoblade Chronicles and Iron Fall. I wonder what they will show at E3?

telekineticmantis3065d ago

Pretty much XenoBlade Splatoon and the new Monster Hunter, are worth note out of these.

DougLord3065d ago

Ever since the Playstation experience Sony trolls have been pretending PS4 is the only console with lots of games hitting in 2015. Nintendo's 2014 was SICK, and with this lineup in 2015. WOW. Best library period. Now we just need to hear from MSFT. I'm uncertain the Windows 10 event on the 21st will have much info on games. Hope we don't have to wait till E3.

nowitzki20043065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Where is Sony anywhere on here? Troll much?

PS4 has great exclusives coming and we know it.
Nintendo has great exclusives and more coming.
Xbox though, I really am sick of Halo and Forza. What else is there?

WeAreLegion3065d ago

Dude. You troll like crazy. Let's try to get rid of ALL trolling.

DigitalRaptor3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

1) You are an Xbox troll yourself.

2) It was said that PS4 has an unprecedentedly large and diverse lineup in 2015, which it does, not that PS4 was the only console with lots of games. And we knew all of this before the PlayStation Experience, that just added more weight to the scales. Trust you to spin what was said. Proof:

3) Nintendo's 2014 was sick, but Sony's lineup this year is bigger and more diverse than either last year or this year. I will be buying tons of games across both ecosystems, but let's not pretend that Wii U has a greater number of games or the same level of diversity.

4) Hearing from Microsoft will make no difference, they also need to announce over 40 games of all kinds to be able to match what Sony has on the table throughout 2015.

5) Waiting is looking like a theme for you in 2015.

TXIDarkAvenger3065d ago

New Fire Emblem hype! I like how the transition to battle is much faster.

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