UT3 Xbox 360 vs PS3 Graphics Comparison has published a video comparison looking at Unreal Tournament 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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ExAtari3852d ago

Can't possibly suck, everything is covered in bumpy shiny normal maps!

All hail Epic's mighty Unreal Engine!

kevnb3852d ago

its quite awesome, just not much different than prior installments (which are also awesome).

m91058263852d ago


In complete agreement. I've used UE3 in my game dev courses and even at the lowest level natively supported by the engine, it's still shiny as hell.

sonarus3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

UT3 is a game for those of you who like no nonsense shoot every one in sight kind games. The game is kind of nice for a couple of weeks

As for the comparisons i expected a bigger leap in graphics for UT3 360. The game is almost 8 months older than PS3 build and development on 360 started first before sony struck their deal. Plus with epic optimizing UE3 significantly since then we were supposed to be seeing some gears of war 2 type graphics in the game. All it does is 360 version has better lighting in some areas and thats it.

Graphics are exactly the same as far as i can see

dcbronco3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

The game was used at E3 '05 to demonstrate the power of the PS3. 360 development started much later. It stopped when MS and Epic couldn't agree on mods. I did think they would have done more with the 360 version too though. I believe Epic has been less than honest about the progress of the games development on the 360 though. I think they pushed the date back because they wanted more time to try to get MS to except mods. I believe the 360 version was finished long before the PS3 version. If I remember right, the PC version had to wait on the PS3 version for release. The 360 version is not that different than the PC version in development terms. I know that it wouldn't have taken this much longer to make it.

mistertwoturbo3852d ago

It's a pointless comparison anyway. The first 1/3rd of the video is comparing a pre-recorded video to another pre-recorded video that might even just be the same damn video. I don't think the morons doing the comparison videos know that those weren't in engine cutscenes.

shazam3852d ago

the first part that was comparing the cutscene was pointless. in fact i bet that it was the exact same video file on both disks. (its not real time)

secondly this game will get old so quick. it lasted me about two weeks. then every sweet mod that came out breathed new life into the game. but there hasn't been any mods lately so there it is again collecting dust. i dont see how this wil last long on the 360 with no mods.

player9113852d ago

I did notice that environmental effects were absent in the PS3 version (rain, snow, lava dust, etc)

That video comparison was horrible anyway. There was only 1 or 2 scenes that played exactly the same... but they played 1 right after another instead of side by side.

The only thing I could see aside from the weather effects was the graphics looked blurrier on the PS3 and the contrast was adjusted and the image was sharper on the 360.

I dunno. I LOVE the UT series and have owned every single game up until this point. The PC demo is all I have because the lack of user created content in the 360 version blows it for me.

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kazuma3852d ago

in one month battlefield, now ut3, man the world is completely messed up! how can there be no difference??

Real Gambler3852d ago

User made stuff for one console, but not the other : )

uxo223852d ago

I noticed that there was snow falling in the last level show on the 360 version. Does the PS3 version not have precipitation or is this a random effect?

JoelR3849d ago

Random effect and yes it occurs on the PS3 as well.

Fishy Fingers3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Cut scene, maybe a little nicer on the 360, gameplay, not really anything instantly noticeable, same.

Anyhoo UT3 is so faced paced you never have enough time to have a prolonged look at everything, it's a great looking fragfest on any platform.

Thugbot1873852d ago

Up close they are the same. However if you look at the PS3, from a distance everything is a bit more blurred. I would say 360 barely better.

Rofflecopter3852d ago

360 for the cuscene, but only because its darker. other than that no cutscene difference. i didnt see a gameplay difference execpt for liking the weapon models on the more. also mods for ps3 version = pwnage. anyways, i have this and dont play much thanks to COD4 and MGS4..

shazam3852d ago

the cutscene is not real time. its a video! the exact same video on both disks. if you play it on a hdtv you would notice that the cutscene is slightly blocky because of video compression.

the ONLY, I repeat ONLY, difference between the two versions is that the ps3 version is slightly brighter or the 360 version is slightly darker; as usual.

SeanScythe3852d ago

Looks the same no differance.

Atomic3852d ago

it's like asking which turd looks better.

HateBoy3852d ago

I actually like the grfx, but yeah, they look exactly the same to me.

MUNKYPOO3852d ago

i thought the developers said it would look better than the ps3 version. i see no difference except the for the color which can be adjusted with the t.v. settings

MUNKYPOO3852d ago

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Panthers3852d ago

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