Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale Details – 13th-19th Jan 2015

Neil writes "Hopefully you picked up one of the great bargains last week because now it's time for a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale. Wanna know the deets?"

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jackanderson19853064d ago

Always my damn luck. Just bought terraria last week

famoussasjohn3064d ago

Contact their support team to see what they can do. Might be able to refund you!

jackanderson19853064d ago

ha well technically didn't "pay" for it in the conventional sense... i'm on the xbox rewards programme so get 10% back from everything i buy digitally so it came from the rebates rather than my own bank account if that makes sense


Is it any good? Thinking about buying it.

jackanderson19853064d ago

very addictive (to me anyways)... it's a good game, has an endgame (kinda there's boss and whatnot) but is also easy to get into at the beginning

Codewow3064d ago

PC version is way easier to control. But if you've never played, should be just as simple learning the console controls.

Xb1ps43064d ago

Explain this reward program please.. I have bought all my games digital.

jackanderson19853064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

go to and sign up there... depending on ur gamerscore and whether u have gold members u get a % rebate back on all sales

they also do monthly/bi monthly tasks that can net u more more, free money from completing surveys and some other crap like renewing gold and what not

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PS3Freak3064d ago

Anybody else having trouble seeing half the deals on their 360?

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