Why Call of Duty Online's success could be problematic

MWEB GameZone writes: "Call of Duty Online, the free-to-play spin-off Call of Duty game that’s exclusive to the Chinese market has begun its open beta. If it takes off, it could be the biggest Call of Duty game ever and that could be a problem."

SonZeRo3480d ago

As a way to break into a rather closed market it might be a good thing but if it makes it big there i wouldnt be surprised if you start to see more pay for this weapon models being introduced in future games, or maybe im pessimistic and all will be fine.

HanCilliers3480d ago

I fully agree, microtransactions can be so bad for gaming, and having a big country like China dictate how Activision should run the business model doesn't bid well for the industry.

CongoKyle3479d ago

China often disallow microtransactions so this is interesting.

plut0nash3480d ago

Microtransactions seem to be a big source of income for these companies. Is there a real boost to profits if implemented? I mean, I never bought the Forza 5 car pass - but I assume many have since the leaderboards have so many DLC cars topping them.

CongoKyle3480d ago

This could be a bit bigger, especially since it's bringing a well known FPS genre to China (One of the largest gaming populations in the world).

I don't really see how it's a bad thing. I can only hope the Chinese play this and get a taste of Call of Duty and perhaps pick up the bigger titles like Advanced Warfare. My only hope is that they don't get their hands on Call of Duty 4 and then realize (like the rest of us) just how bad the COD franchise has become.

caseh3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

"My only hope is that they don't get their hands on Call of Duty 4 and then realize (like the rest of us) just how bad the COD franchise has become."

If that does happen, I imagine the response for most people being something like this guy:


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COD Online Shutting Down in China by End of August

Activision is shutting down COD Online in China by end of August, citing declining revenue as the cause.

Dabigsiebowski1148d ago

Pull away from China. They have way different values than what Most Americans have even though some have shifted quite a bit recently. We don't need to cater to more audiences nor Countries for that matter.CCP is terrible and so are Trumpers oh... and extreme left as well! Who knew!


Call Of Duty And Maps – Some Food For Thought

Whenever you think of playing Call of Duty, there are certain things that are a must. A good map design is certainly a must. In the same way kill streaks and guns are also important.

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Kabaneri1809d ago

This is where Sledgehammer failed IMO, their community support is great but the maps for AW and WW2 were not very memorable.

CurbStompin1809d ago

Lack there of, as well as garbage.


Call of Duty Battle Royale Is Coming... To China

Call of Duty battle royale is going to be a thing, at least in China. Call of Duty Online will receive an update with the new mode.

letsa_go2426d ago

I don't understand why they don't release Call of Duty Online here. It is free to play, I am assuming has microtransactions, and is multiplayer only. I think that would do well here!

Nybz2426d ago

Probably something to do with 3-4 studios all agreeing to take turns with the CoD franchise like a frat passing around the local hoe.

kevnb2426d ago

because people are paying a ton of money for the yearly expansions positioned as full new games with a ton of overpriced dlc.

2426d ago