Three Games that Probably Won’t Live Up to the Hype this Year

Why No Man’s Sky, The Order 1886, and Tom Clancy’s The Division may not be as good as people hope.

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Relientk772941d ago

I hope they do live up to the hype, we don't need another year like 2014

DarkOcelet2941d ago

RAD's The Order 1886 has little hype btw. Alot of site previews slammed it but i believe it will be one of 2015 best games and will surprise all the haters out there. They should have played their PSP. They were extremely good and were very close to their Ps2 counterpart. I wish them the best of luck.

The Division on the other hand will have a hard time considering Ubisoft misfortunes in 2014 and the talks that the graphics had already been downgraded and god knows what kind of microtransactions they will put in it. And the whole online only aspect should have not been there. They should have added an offline campaign for people who want to play it solo. I really hope it's a good game for Ubisoft's sake and for the people who will buy it.

jb2272941d ago

Totally agree w/ both of your points. I'm not sure the Order will review well regardless of how great it is because too many "journalists" have already shot it completely down, & the more close minded users will go into the game w/ their opinions coloured quite a bit. It will definitely be a cult classic though, I'd say even if the previews are true the game still has a market of fans looking for exactly the kind of game RAD are making, the kind of game that is becoming more & more rare in the industry, a true narrative driven game w/ fluid gameplay mechanics & a lot of attention to detail & focus on crafting interesting environments & situations. When everything else is now an open world, online rpg, The Order should have a pretty wide audience of fans salivating for the kind of experience it could offer, myself included.

Speaking of open world online rpg's, there is little doubt in my mind that The Division won't live up to its lofty promises. The difference between the two games is focus, The Order has a very clear focus on what it aims to be, while The Division is still pretty wide open & dependent upon user interaction. If The Division releases in 2015 it will most likely be broken when you look at the history of Ubisoft's online components. Hopefully more spectacular failures in this arena can bring some more attention back to a good solid offline campaign and force devs to truly make sure these mmorpg's will actually work upon release, regardless of how much dev time that may take.

wsoutlaw872941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Ya where is this, the order hype? All ive seen is articles writing it off.

I disagree with you about the division single player mode though. They have designed a coop/multiplayer game. If someone is interested in that type of game then good, if not then thats fine. They shouldn't have to go create a separate campaign with different npcs because some are against playing the game they designed. Also im pretty sure you will be able to play a lot of it by yourself if you wish, like a destiny sort of thing.

PhucSeeker2940d ago

Haven't played ACU coop but i did play some of Farcry 4 coop and multi, as well as Watch Dogs multi. And it's safe to say online stuffs are not the things Ubi is worst at.

medman2941d ago

Games usually receive hyper because people have seen enough to interest them. Whether the games turn out to be great or not shouldn't diminish anybody's excitement for them. If you can't get excited about these things anymore, maybe you should consider moving on from gaming as a hobby, as anticipation is a large part of the industry. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

SaveFerris2941d ago

The bigger the hype surrounding a game, the harder it is to live up to it.

In my opinion, it seems like The Order 1886 is being singled out unfairly for a lot of criticism by some of the gaming media and gamers. Shouldn't we wait until the game is released before we judge it?

Relientk772941d ago

I think it will get unfairly judged and will still be a great game, and the people that actually buy it and play it will absolutely love it.

I know I'm getting it

SaveFerris2941d ago

Yeah. I've pre-ordered it. I hope it leads to a successful franchise.

OB1Biker2941d ago

Yea the Order got some huge hype a year ago but then many bashed the demos and it tottally untrue to say this game is overhyped. A lot of other games have been hyped like hell starting with Quantum Break and yes Uncharted 4 and Hallo

KiwiViper852941d ago

While I agree with UC4 and H5, I have to totally disagree with Quantum Break being hyped. Apart from the reveal and a now extended gameplay demo, it hardly gets a mention.

Most media outlets are even leaving it off their list of top 2015 games coming out.

Kingdomcome2472940d ago

Quantum Break hardly receives any fanfare whatsoever. It's a top three most anticipated game for me, and I rarely get to read any articles about it.

OB1Biker2940d ago

Yea seing the disagrees and comments I admit there s not much said about QB for a while and the hype kinda fell. Maybe its just because there s no news about it and its a while off but at E3 and later Gamescom the hype was real. We ll see when there are news but it was just an example I chose because I think the game has similarities with the Order I admit I chose poorly considering there hasn't been news about it for a while

turdburgler10802941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

The order will fail to impress critics with its QTE extravaganza but the Sony fanatics will hold it up as a masterpiece exactly like driveclub and the division will be a success because it's going to be something different with the whole squad community thing going on.

Redemption-642941d ago

Unlike xbox fans, who honestly don’t support most of their games, sony fans do. You guys bitch about having the best reviewed games on xbox 1, yet you refuse to support the developers.
Forza Horizon 2, this game sold on xbox 1 and 360, and couldn’t even make it to 900k, sunset overdrive reviewed well, yet it currently setting below 800k, even the flagship game Halo MCC, is sitting at or below 2M. Sony fans love diversity and support their games, even if they are bad, we support them. So that developers can improve on the next game. So YES, we will come to the defiance of The Order.

ShottyGibs2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I think the Order won't impress. So far its a heavily scripted single player linear 3rd person shooter.. a 8 hour playthrough and its time to move on.
I think Ubisoft might finally get things right with the division although we're getting a massive visual down grade.
No Mans Sky is anyone's guess right now. I like what I've seen.. but I haven't seen enough to know.

gangsta_red2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I'm really interested in the concept of No Man's Sky but I am starting to wonder exactly what is the fun factor of it all.

I wish we could see a little more of the space dog fights we keep seeing in snippets. Will there be fighting on planets, like a FPS? Who are we even fighting against? Will we be fighting against online opponents? Are there different factions or clans?

So far a lot has been only focused on the whole exploring, which is great...but what else can you do?

The only hype The Order seems to have is how great it looks. Other than that it seems like an ordinary 3rd person shooter with a multiplayer.

WeAreLegion2941d ago

You mine resources, buy better ships, explore, have dog fights with AI every once in awhile, and try to make your way to the center of the universe, which is a black hole.

If you're expecting anything more than that, don't pay any attention to the game from here on out. You will be sorely disappointed.

I'm definitely excited for it though. I love exploring!

If you're looking for more details, however, these guys have covered it pretty extensively.

gangsta_red2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

So basically everything I already know is what to be expected in the game... I don't know about that then. Exploring is great and all but there needs to be a better reason for doing all this.

If that is it, then I feel this game has wasted on some huge gameplay potential.

Thank for the link.

"Other than that it seems like an ordinary 3rd person shooter with a multiplayer"

I meant to say "without a multiplayer"

wsoutlaw872941d ago

No mans sky doesn't need anymore than that. It's not trying to be the next mass effect or star citizen. It's a small indie game. It's like saying what else is there to do in Games like minecraft

gangsta_red2941d ago

There's a lot to do in Minecraft though, from getting together with four friends, exploring, crafting, to building massive cities, not to mention all the add-ons and mods (currently there is a GTAV mod,) so yes there is a lot to do in Minecraft.

I would like to have more if indeed that is all this game is offering. Being a small indie game doesn't mean that they couldn't add anything that I mentioned. Being a small indie dev doesn't mean a more robust experience should not be included in their games.

I haven't asked for anything out of this game that isn't unrealistic or couldn't be done by them.

wsoutlaw872941d ago

Lol but that stuff you tried to make seem like more is still just build stuff. You can act like minecraft is more than that but it isn't. Thats the point, that you can have fun with just a simple game. It doesn't need to be like the big produced games. In no mans sky you can travel to thousands of planets, collect resources, upgrade your ship, connect with players online, and work towards your end goal of making it to the center of the galaxy. The game can be like minecraft, dont starve, dayz where it doesn't need huge gun fights, branching storylines, 1000 npcs, lol getting married, and the ability to play dress up to be a fun, awesome game. Its what you do with it that makes it fun, like minecraft.

gangsta_red2940d ago

I am not acting like Minecraft is any more than anything. I am telling you from first hand experience that IT IS more than just building. because the devs have given you the ability to do almost anything you can think of. Will No Man's Sky give us the same freedom?

"In no mans sky you can travel to thousands of planets, collect resources, upgrade your ship, connect with players online, and work towards your end goal of making it to the center of the galaxy."

In the interview one of the designers said in your entire playthrough you may NEVER see another player, I don't even think they are marked as players. Travel to thousands of planets and do what? Upgrade my ship and move on? Then WHAT!?

You don't see the concern? This game doesn't need guns or getting married but it needs a point, Minecraft has a point. In No Man's Sky can I build colony's, can i build galaxy class ships? Will I run into indigenous alien life forms? Will I run into hostile Aliens? Are there any mysteries to the universe to unlock?

Are these not valid questions? Or hopes for a game as big and ambitious as No Man's Sky?

MysticStrummer2941d ago

"So basically everything I already know is what to be expected in the game"

No. The devs have said repeatedly they aren't revealing everything yet.

"I meant to say 'without a multiplayer' "

Why? It has multiplayer.

Rimeskeem2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

As far as I understand. It was recent when The Order got good recognition. BeforePSX people were hating on it all day.

DarkOcelet2941d ago

People were hating on it because they didnt show anything nor overhyping it to the skies like Destiny nor Watch Dogs, look how those turned out to be. I am still glad they showed minimal things about the game. I know it will be epic.

Rimeskeem2941d ago

I don't think it will be too hard for The Order to live up to its hype.

firelogic2941d ago

I would argue that The Order 1886 has zero hype behind it. The early word on it was so poor that it wasn't on anyone's radar. It's only been very recently where people have changed their minds to, "hmm, it could be ok."

No Man's Sky has ridiculous hype and after the poor year Ubisoft has had, I would think that expectations are going to be very tempered with regards to The Division. I know it's not developed by Ubisoft.

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