New Halo 3 Image

A still from the teaser ad. Scroll down to story images to see the new pic.

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gearhead4344d ago

If that is what the game will look like I am sold. I have never played a Halo game even though i owned a XBox, but this looks awesome. I hope it is a Gears of War killer in the visual department, because GOW is a visual feast, I have beat the game 4 times just to go through and look at all of the scenery and visuals. Truly next gen

The BS Police4344d ago

It is a CGI trailer, not actual gameplay.

combatant4344d ago

That is just rediculous. Utter beauty. and i do think it is CGI, but bungie says it will still look similar. this picture rapes anything, CGI or not. Andd the grass is actually grassy. woow.

Donkey Slayer4344d ago

fall for these as well? lol

Halochampian4344d ago

This is the first time Bungie has EVER used CGI. HAlo 2 used in-engine displays to create the cutscenes and everything.

Donkey Slayer4344d ago

This isn't the first time they released non-gameplay pics to hype their product.

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power of Green 4344d ago

I shooting for al least 70% of this still.

power of Green 4344d ago

1.1 you see the power of it though, 90% of consumers will have the same reaction as #1 is't how Sony won last gen it'll be interesting how far MS and Bungie will push the 360 to get as close as they can to this because it's microsofts style to strive for the impossible.

GTProwler4344d ago

This has to be CGI, it just look too good and cinamatic, but hopefully they will pull off MC looking like that.

SjaakHaas4344d ago

It is CG but it uses Halo 3 Models.

General4344d ago

But who cares this still looks freaking awesome, My New Desktop background.

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The story is too old to be commented.