Gears Of War & Banjo Kazooie Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Dave3d is currently recreating a Gears of War scene in Unreal Engine 4, while Auldbenkenobi has finished an interior house based on Banjo Kazooie. Alas, these two projects give us an idea of what these two games would look like in Epic’s latest engine.

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DarkOcelet2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

That Gears pic looks stunning. That person sure is talented and UE4 looks really good. Gears IV will surely be beautiful in it.

spicelicka2202d ago

Omg I can't wait to see how Gears 4 looks, the king of TPS is returning baby!

OpieWinston2202d ago

They're truly the king and BTS has been playing a lot of Gears 3 so here's hopping it takes the good parts from Gears 3 and builds on Horde 2.0.

nucky642202d ago

yea, it does. I'm thinking gears is going to look/play awesome on x1.

2202d ago
Tzuno2202d ago

A HD release of gears of war on PC, nerdgasm!!!