Let's Play... Alien: Isolation

Continue Play's Kyle Barrows braves the ruined hallways of the Sevastopol in his latest Let's Play video. Watch him die (a lot) as he attempts to survive his encounters with the Xenomorph in Creative Assembly's excellent Alien: Isolation.

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PeaSFor1646d ago

so... N4G is now allowing peoples to plug their "let's play' now?Really n4g?

ThatEnglishDude1646d ago

Wow. Stop with this Let's Play trash on N4G.

And this is coming from someone who used to DO Let's Plays (back in 2008-2009) YouTube is over saturated with this shite. It's hard to just look up gameplay for something without hundreds of results of people trying to get their piece of the action. I come to N4G for news. Hence the name 'News For Gamers' not this.

Continue-Play should feel ashamed that they have to plug their videos on a news website for hits.

BABY-JEDI1646d ago

This guy has an awesome beard. He deserves to be on N4G.
; D>