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Diablo III Reaper of Souls: The Ultimate Evil Edition, or simply D3 for the purpose of this review, keeps the key components that made the series a success, while fixing the bugs that plagued it’s initial launch. To start, the Auction House, where gamers used in game or real money to purchase rare or legendary items, was thankfully removed. The core idea of gamers being able to buy and sell items is, and always will be, sound but the execution was severely lacking. Blizzard, using the success of the World of Warcraft’s Auction House, attempted to up the ante, and instead failed miserably. Despite the annoying random number generator (RNG) that troubled the initial launch, Diablo has always been designed to reward gamers through their exploration of Sanctuary and through combat; not how much money they acquired. In addition to the removal of the Auction House, Blizzard fixed the RNG problems gamers encountered, providing a substantial increase of rare and legendary drops. During my campaign, I did not purchase a single item from any of the merchants, because everything I needed was acquired from slaying random enemies and bosses.

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ThatOneGuyThere3184d ago

this game is freaking great. however, after having owned it for a while...i wouldnt go as high as 90's. i might be jaded from over playing it though. :-p


Diablo 3 Is Mysteriously Free for XBL Gold Members

For some strange reason, Diablo 3 is free for Xbox Live Gold members today! This is the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition.

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KillBill791d ago

Cloudways Firewall

Blocked because of Malicious Activities

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791d ago
anast790d ago

I'm playing this game at the moment and it feels like a cellphone game. It's okay, but it feels cheap and overly simplified.

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traumadisaster790d ago

Haven’t played Diablo since the original and I think the last two stayed close to that formula which for the time was said to be good. I didn’t find the game style to my liking and gave up on it. What was considered good pc tech decades ago seems like mobile phone fodder I guess, kind of neat to see the difference over time.

DOMination-790d ago

It's nearly ten years old. The point of the game is not to look good, but to have fun creating a build that can survive on the harder difficulties.


This. End game grinding and pushing your character(s) up the leaderboards.

anast790d ago

Coming from Diablo 2I }always avoided this game, but I went ahead and tried it. I don't get how people think it's a good game. It's okay, but it's crazy how much it isn't good.

Takwin790d ago

It works. I installed it on my Series X. I hope they can't or won't take it away!

790d ago
VenomUK790d ago

@Takwin Make sure to start playing it! Surely they can't rescind your ownership once you've already got a save game file?

790d ago
KillBill790d ago

The download does not insinuate ownership. As always they have allowed Gold play of some games for members. A FREE period of play is offered for a limited time and little more. The option here is for installation... not for purchase/ownership.

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BlackDoomAx1683d ago

As a fan of co-op games, I totally agree with that list.

farhsa20081683d ago

Not clicking as its too many pages. What games are mentioned?

BlackDoomAx1681d ago

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