Hey, Look, Listen: Analyzing Handholding in Twilight Princess

Zelda Informer: "This 2006 Zelda title, released for both GameCube and Wii, has its share of flaws. Several key moments in the story are poorly explained, the motion controls on the Wii version (which I played for this audit) feel like they hinder the gameplay more than they enhance it, and the graphics are consistently murky. That said, I cannot get over how deliciously satisfying its temples and swordplay are, how packed the overworld is with things to do, and how frequently the game made me, and Link, feel like a badass. Twilight Princess is more than the game Zelda fans were hoping for before they caught their first glimpse of Wind Waker in 2001; it is one of the best Zelda games ever made.

Link's companion, Midna, never annoyed me too much during the 33 hours and 13 minutes I played through to the end of Twilight Princess, and I felt like the game generally provided me with plenty of opportunities to discover things on my own. At the same time, because Twilight Princess's gameplay is so similar to Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time, I would argue it has less of a need for handholding in the first place. In fact, Twilight Princess provides no tutorial for simple tasks like how to move blocks, and it even disposed of some reminders about gameplay information that other Zelda games have clung to over the years. But how I personally feel about Twilight Princess is not nearly as important as the data I gathered while auditing it over the past two weeks."

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Snookies122204d ago

Ahhh, I remember getting a Wii with Twilight Princess for my birthday... That was a great time... Loved that game. I was surprised at just how long it was!

GokuSolosAll2204d ago

I quit after a very early firced collectables mission. I had to sniff put a bunch of bugs I guess, no fun. It's worse than the Triforce pieces in Wind Waker.

wonderfulmonkeyman2204d ago

I like the game in every way except for two;

#1 too much open space with little to do other than travel and fetch quests in it.
#2 some of the dungeon items saw far too limited use outside of their respective dungeons.[spinner and ball&chain, in particular. I thought up so many more puzzles that those could have been used for. Heck, even some mini-games! But never saw anything like what I imagined for them pop up...]

Other than those things, I really liked the game. The story, while still holding the standard kidnapping plot, was still entertaining thanks to Midna and the various side characters, and some, if not most, of the music was absolutely GORGEOUS.
And turning into a wolf was a pretty novel idea, far as it went. I liked the concept of using Midna's power to insta-attack a group of surrounding enemies.
Makes me wish Wolf Link & Midna had gotten in Smash over Duck Hunt, honestly.XD

DEATHxTHExKIDx2203d ago

This one is my favorite 3D Zelda game. Mostly cause of its style. ALso Midna to this day imo is the best Zelda companion.

higgins782203d ago

Funny, its probably my least favourite Zelda game - OK, Zelda II takes the spoils for that award, but certainly next in line. First time I recent(ish) memory I remember Nintendo treading water. A great action/adventure title, a average Zelda title. Never mind - too much, Skyward Sword more than made up for it in my experience. I'm only gutted Zelda U - by all accounts - won't be carrying on the good work implemented via Motion Plus, even building upon it.