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polow got sol2943d ago

Ms gonna show whose pockets really go deeper

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DarkOcelet2943d ago

I think Bioware already stated it wasnt an exclusive. And wasnt Mass Effect 1 a 360 exclusive but ended up on PS3 couple years later? Even though MS logo was on the screen when you started the game on the 360.

Nekroo912943d ago

I love this site how you get disagrees from stating facts. Yes you can play the Mass effect trilogy on the PS3.

If anyone thinks EA is going to miss the biggest part of the market, they are delusional.

They regreted making titanfall an exclusive to xbox one,the game wasted tons of money in marketing and TLOU remastered still sold more copys...

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hello122943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Dev said it was rumour did he not? So what Microsoft buy exclusives so does Sony. Sony had lot of betas before the x box 1 last year just get over it the way of gaming nowadays. They are businesses looking for people to buy their consoles.

imt5582943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Yup, Bioware is stupid they chose Xbone for exclusivity. I mean, exclusive game for 9.5~10 mil. sold trough ( and outside US/UK DEAD CONSOLE ) and throw away 18.5+ mil. PS4's. Great business solution.

christocolus2943d ago

i totally agree with what you are saying Knws. MS will keep investing in first and third parties this gen just like sony and nintendo are curently doing. Phil even stated there would be more announceents in the future. the sales difference between both consoles wont be an issue as long as MS makes the deal worthwhile and both parties get what they want. sony made similar deals during the ps1,ps2 , ps3 era and even again with the ps4, nintendo did same with gamecube,n64 and even the wiiu. as you said its all about business.

OrangePowerz2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Very very doubtful. With every month the gap is getting bigger. Meaning with every month it costs more and more to get the exclusive deals from companies like EA. Sure MS has lots of money but it's a publicly traded company and just like EA the shareholders demand profits. Not releasing on the most popular console cuts out huge portions of profit. Square could do that because Uncharted 4 comes out at around the same time so they won't take much of a hit in profits by releasing later so MS probably overpaid for that.

I know people like to say Titanfall was a huge success altough it didn't come out on PS4, but if EA doesn't make a statement of how great it sold and throw around numbers of sales and profits it underperformed for their expectations. EA made the deal because MS promised them DRM and no second hand game sales and EA expected the X1 too beat the PS4. Neither of that happened so that relationship won't be as good anymore.

As for Mass Effect if we would assume it sells 7 million copies on PS4 that would mean MS would need to pay at at least around 200 million just to make up for lost profit. Obviously EA would demand more than just the minimum and try to squeeze out as much as possible since MS is somewhat desperate to catch up in sales. Would over 200 million be really worth it? Doubtful that it would boost X1 sales enough that it would be worth it so the shareholders would have a problem with that. If you don't keep shareholders happy the CEO will be kicked out by them. I think the MS CEO wants to keep his job.

Keep in.mind that ME4 won't release this year so by the time it comes out the PS4 sales could be above 40-50 million meaning the potential amount of sold copies would increase and so would the cost for MS to get the game as exclusive.

_-EDMIX-_2942d ago

Not sure its worth it to MS or EA. Consider the series is multiplatform and MS sorta showed their timed hand a bit too much.

How many will even believe a timed deal when announced?

EA has no reason to do one as they still need to make back that 700mill they spent on the team to begin with.

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Ryan7412943d ago

To be fair, Xbox is Mass Effect's natural home. Probably a rumour but you never know. Congrats to Microsoft and Phil in particular if true.

q8kik2943d ago

And TR's home is Playstaion, so is it unfair for ms to make it exclusive for god knows how long ?

Dudebro902943d ago

TR is not Home to Sony. It did not start out only on Playstation.

q8kik2943d ago

Without the original PS TR wouldn't have been a successful franchise, period.
So don't start with the "oh it was on the sega saturn too" Bullsh!t.

EvilWay2943d ago

You guys don't need to TR you have Uncharted which is better. I like both regardless, I hope MS will buy Tomb Raider and Capcom as well

DarkZane2943d ago


In the end though, we will get both Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

Nice try though, Square-Enix isn't gonna let go of tomb raider and MS won't buy capcom either.

UltraNova2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

When 2 out of 3 ME games got simultaneously released on both PS and Xbox how one game releasing first on one make it home to that console especially when it was released on PC too? Plus even the 1st one got released on PS later on.

Mass Effect has zero attachment to xbox, however many self-entitled xbox fanboys like to see it.

Same goes for Tomb raider and SF5 which have been on both consoles for a long long time (even if one started on either console 100 years ago)but one is secured to XB1 and the other on PS, in my book that's fair.

Now if games of the magnitude of GTA or COD or FIFA turned exclusive to either console then yes the outrage would be totally justified.

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Omran2943d ago

to be fair tomb raider belong to Playstation :)

Haki11122942d ago

Tomb raider started on Sega Saturn though

OmegaShen2943d ago

No, I think PC was. Better luck next time.

spicelicka2943d ago

That's definitely not "fair", that's the dumbest reasoning I've ever heard.

dolphin_supreme2943d ago

it was on ms first because they helped fund it. also this was already confirmed to not be console exclusive. i dont know why everyone is having this coversation

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DougLord2943d ago

I would expect "timed" exclusive like the first few Mass Effects. Mass Effect 1 eventually came to PS3 (5 years after 360). Mass Effect 2 had a 1 year delay on PS3/PC vs 360. But it totally makes sense. All 3 games sold 3 million copies each on 360. Mass Effect 2 and 3 sold around 1.5 million copies in PS3. I don't trust PC numbers anymore due to digital, but Mass Effect sold 1 million hard copies on PC, while 2 and 3 sold much less.

MasterCornholio2943d ago

Well with the PS4 having a much larger install base I doubt that EA will want to miss out on the platform.

Infamous2982943d ago

After titanfall medicore sales , I doubt that too.

Dudebro902943d ago

Titanfall had mediocre sales?? News to me. Nice troll attempt.

SmielmaN2943d ago

It would cost a lot of money for a as to secure these aaaaaand exclusives because of that install base dif. They basically have to provide EA with proper compensation for opting to not sell their game to the possible 19-20 million PS4 users. Would prob end up being the most anyone has ever paid for console exclusivity.

Why are ppl talking about Titanfall? Realistically MS released no info on the sales of that game.

DeadlyOreo2943d ago


Titanfall sales were mediocre though. For all of the hype and money involved in the exclusivity, to be then outsold by Infamous Second Son too, mediocre is spot on. I know you love your Xbox man, but come on, just because you wanted big sales doesn't mean it happened.

EvilWay2943d ago


Of course Infamous was going to outsell Titanfall PS4 had a huge lead in install base at the time

DarkZane2943d ago

The fact EA actually regretted that exclusivity deal means they would have made much more money going multiplatform. They won't make this mistake again, the PS4 is gonna lead for the entire generation, most third party won't go with Microsoft only again.

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_-EDMIX-_2942d ago

I'm not sure where any of you get your news from. Its been stated many, many times....

ME1 was NEVER a timed game. MS owned the publishing rights, didn't own the team, didn't own the ip.

EA bought the IP and Team, later on they bought the publishing rights from MS. (That is by the way the ONLY thing they actually bought from MS)

EA later publishes ME1 on PC.

Why not port it on PS3?

Many, many reasons. Small install base at the time, they just spent close to a billion dollars on 2 teams and a hand full of ips.

Bioware was working on many systems and games (ME2, PC, 360, PS3 for the first time, along with KOTOR MMO)

The game came to PS3 later on when EA had the time and money to actually do a port.

So..this idea that something was "timed" doesn't make much sense and no evidence supports such an idea. In fact, if Bioware was ever going to make Mass Effect on another system after the fact, they clearly would not have sold the ip to EA to make more money on more systems if they felt they could do it on their own (ie selfpublish)