Halo 3 - BETA Program Announced!

In conjunction with a new trailer coming Monday December 4th, Microsoft today unveiled further details and an official call to entry for the "Halo 3" beta program. Beginning Monday, Dec. 4, by visiting, gamers in North America will be able to register for the opportunity to be one of the select members to join the unprecedented "Halo 3" public beta program, scheduled to kick off in spring 2007. Today's announcement confirms the first path of entry for gamers to participate in the beta program and be among the first to experience the most anticipated game of 2007.

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MicroGamer4365d ago

don't bother. It will already be filled. ;-)

DEIx15x84365d ago

That means that starting on December 4th you can register for the opportunity to be a part of the Beta. That means that you have from the 4th till an unknown date and time to sign up before they randomly select however many people they want. Usually they have a survey to fill out so that they can choose a varied base of users.

Smellslikepie4365d ago

Once again people from Europe are completely disregarded. This has become far too common. We are the last to recieve electronics and games( The majority of the time), We don't get a video market place, We are charged more for Live, We're charged more for games. Etc.

MicroGamer4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

blame your Queen and Parliament. They are the ones that drive up the cost of everything. I remember when Ubisoft was running the Everquest servers over there, there was a 4 pound a month V.A.T. charge added to the price, and UK players blamed SOE for it. I have shopped in England, so I have experienced the price differences for various goods myself. You're being taxed to death over there.

Oops. Sorry, I don't know if you are in the UK or not, just using that as an example. Other European countries have equally confiscatory taxation schemes in place, though.

Smellslikepie4365d ago

Yeah, I am from the UK. And just to clarify, the Queen has almost no power anymore. It's all Parliament and Prime Minister.

I wasn't necessarily blaming Microsoft. (well, I was with the whole 'Live' thing.)

I don't understand the £4 V.A.T because V.A.T is 17.5% of the the original price added onto it. So that would've been quite a bit per month.

I wish things would change though, it's a tad depressing when things like this happen.

PS360PCROCKS4365d ago

That's lame, why doesn't everyone get to try it out that's not fair, I'm from the U.S but still not fair

Schmitty074365d ago

I wish it was just over XBL, cause now I may not get to play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.