Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 188 – Can Toad Treasure Tracker save the Wii U?

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "It’s 2015 and the DJ Podcast team are back with more video game goodness than you can poke an Atari joystick at. This week we discuss the latest news including Sony’s ripper PlayStation 4 sales figures, plus Nintendo pulls out of Brazil. Making news also, Rare has something major up its sleeve for 2015 and Japan experiences its lowest sales year in video game consoles since the 90’s. Also in this week’s show we review Toad Treasure Tracker and a whole lot more on the DJ Podcast."

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higgins782440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

It won't save the Wii U - being even ad great as it is, but then the Wii U shouldn't need saved. If the masses could avert their gaze from the chav fodder saturating the market and appreciate quality, polish and innovation without the need for mass advertising, the industry might feel a better place.

DaGamingKing2440d ago

And no patches on Day 1 and every other day lol. Nintendo gets it right every time, Quality comes before release dates with the Big N.

higgins782439d ago

Precisely. Don't get me wrong, the big N frustrates me occasionally, the greed in me would like more first party titles more often AND every other third party title under the sun, but, owning either 'rival' console is no picnic. Since I picked up my PS4 at launch I have been left completely underwhelmed, an accusation I can not level at the Wii U - or for that matter any Nintendo console.