The Last of Us Directors 'Proud' of Game 'Resonating' With Players; Helped Girl Come Out To Parents

The Last of Us' co-directors have spoken of their pride and surprise at how deeply the game managed to resonate with players, often in ways they didn't originally intend.

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DarkOcelet1430d ago

I thought coming out of her room to the parents lol. Nevermind.

Army_of_Darkness1429d ago

It's a little questionable due to the lack of details?? Come out to her parents to say what exactly?
I didn't play the left behind dlc yet, but the only thing I can think of is that this might have something to do with her confessing that she has really bad fungus smelly feet and she's worried that she might eventually go zombie!??

Newmanator1429d ago

I do to see what TLoU has to do with coming out at all.

miyamoto1430d ago

Shigeru Miyamoto iz gonna be proud when he hears thiz resonate stuff. Bravo Naughty Gods! Your games are indeed life changing and game changing. Uncharted 2 made me believe in videogames again. TLOU made me believe in topping your last master piece like Son Goku's infinite ascension of power and spirituality.

ps4gamer19831430d ago

Lol what? Goku and spirituality? Lol

1429d ago
Rimeskeem1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Naughty Dog helped me as well. I had always wanted to discover things and go on adventures and such and find fortune. Then, after playing Uncharted, I realized that it was far too dangerous for my liking and that I would be better off studying psychology instead.

Locknuts1430d ago

Hmm it's an amazing game, but not life-changing. Nice try, Druckmann.

hazelamy1429d ago

well, it was for that girl.

Locknuts1429d ago Show
KwietStorm1429d ago

I was responding to the same person you replied to. I'm not calling the girl a moron.

Mechanism1429d ago

Nice to see the world revolves around you..

GribbleGrunger1429d ago

You think he's making it up? It's worth watching this:

Der_Kommandant1429d ago

30 min absolutely worth watching

Mega241429d ago

Warning people, it has spoiler for the game, do not recommend if people might want to play the game later.

Always post a warning if it contains spoilers, some people go ape sh*t when they spoil stuff for them.

GribbleGrunger1429d ago

I'm sure people will read the huge WARNING at the beginning of the video.

FullmetalRoyale1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

I'm sure they will happily settle for "amazing", as you put it.

Try harder Druckman! You game was only amazing! /s

KwietStorm1429d ago

You really think they're so full of themselves to make up this whole story, just to boast about their game? And this long after release too? But the girl, if she exists, is the moron. Classic.

hazelamy1429d ago

why is she a moron exactly?

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The story is too old to be commented.