Mock game box imagines what a Japan-produced, moe “Call of Duty” might look like

RN24: Back in the day, Japanese console games were king. What late-20s gamer doesn’t fondly remember the classics like Final Fantasy VII, Tactics Ogre, Street Fighter, Metal Gear, the original Super Smash Bros, and the spate of Japan-produced side-scrollers owing their lineage to Mario?

Unfortunately, while great Japanese games do exist and are still being made, general consensus on English-language gamer forums is that the vast majority of modern Japanese games have devolved into 25-hour, barely interactive CG films and creepy boob-ogling simulators.

And, with this widening rift between Japanese game fans and Western gamers, the darker, dirtier corners of the Internet can get a bit cheeky with their memes.

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MikePWV1403d ago

Now that would be a Call of Duty i would buy.

ninjahunter1403d ago

Thank goodness i got that nepnep.

Travis37081403d ago

I would pre-order if true!

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The story is too old to be commented.