P.T. Doesn't Want You To Pause, If You Do Prepare Yourself

P.T was already one of the most anticipated horor games to release and if you want some proof of it's capacity to scare you just pause the game. Twitch user CryoSphereD pauses the Silent Hills demo in order to take a break and interact with her viewers. But after two minutes the break was over and P.T killed her anyway. Watch the video below and make sure never to pause P.T....... ever.

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DarkOcelet2991d ago

Poor girl lol. Lesson learned. Kojima seriously gonna make Silent hills a horror masterpiece.

amiga-man2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I love watching people stream this game, it can literally scare the hell out of them, one guy was almost in tears too scared to turn around lol.

Anyone who hasn't given this free demo a go really should (dont spoil it by looking at footage before though)

bmf73642991d ago

I have watched let's plays of it, played it, and was still scared shitless

marloc_x2991d ago

Not breaking the immersion while navigating menus really puts an edge into gameplay..


nveenio2990d ago

With that cat, she seems like someone Family Guy would make fun of.

morganfell2990d ago

If you go back and look when the demo was announced, people rushed to get it. The earliest downloaders began streaming Live From PlayStion.

In the history of Neogaf, I have never seen so many remarks of:

"Nope. Not getting it."

"No way, I need to be able to sleep."

"No thanks, I don't need to age prematurely."

And quite a few other comments by people that after watching the streams were too scared to even download the demo. It is a testament to the genius of the design. And it isn't just the larger pulse pounding moments but rather much of the atmosphere is created by the small instances where little to nothing has changed or is occuring.

Rather than constantly hammering you with scare scare scare, it is the sheer tension that elevates this title.

UKmilitia2990d ago

i couldnt play it,i was scared straight away,went through it part way and the crying in the fridge is enough for me.

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FACTUAL evidence2991d ago

"Yeah kijima is F'ing amazing" *Ghost lady scare*

Lol that was epic.

elsuperamigo2991d ago ShowReplies(3)
BallsEye2990d ago

It's pretty cool but sometimes I just need to pause, cause of work/wife/kids/friends. I'd get really mad if my session goes to waste like this.

DarkOcelet2990d ago

You dont really die btw. You just keep going. Offcourse if that mechanic is in the game, i wonder how he will pull it off. And will he take Shattered memories route with no weapons just running and hiding or will we kill monsters and the most obvious question is it 3rd person of 1st person. My guess outdoors are third person, indoors are first person.

ziggurcat2990d ago


you'll make any desperate excuse you can make in order to downplay something playstation-related, eh?

you don't lose any real progress, so don't worry yourself - not that you'll ever even bother playing this teaser anyway... and it's just a teaser, it's not even a full demo, and probably nothing close to what the final version of the full game is going to be like.

Ryan7412990d ago

That's a valid point but you are unusual in that regard as most PlayStation gamers have none of these things you mentioned.

Muzikguy2990d ago

This demo really is cool! I haven't been able to figure it out yet lol. I can't wait for the full game. As for this pause thing, I found out about it already by going to the bathroom and grabbing some food and a beer. Awesome way to promote if you ask me!

DarkOcelet2990d ago

There is literally over a thousand youtube walkthrough on how to finish the demo unless your are trying to do it without any help. All i can say is good luck.

NuggetsOfGod2990d ago

I hope it works with oculus rift or osvr!

poor_cus_of_games2990d ago

More likely with project morpheus since its ps4 exclusive.

NuggetsOfGod2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I ment silent hill! This is just concept demo.

If mgs and hellblade, no mans, sf5 is coming to pc I am kinda sure silent hill comes to pc.

Unless sony is funding it?

I want this at 1440p 60fps VR! Whatever it costs..

For me that is how to celebrate the return of real horror!

Azzanation2990d ago

Great jump scare however its quite stupid. Not being able to pause because of an unexpected call or bathroom is bad game design in my opinion.

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madmonkey012991d ago

that is cool. i will try it later to see if it happens every time

PoSTedUP2991d ago

damn... that scare woulda killed me.

Geekman2990d ago

I didn't even flinch. My friends are right, I do have no fear.

What is wrong with me?

HammadTheBeast2990d ago

I'd suggest watching After Earth, it has a no-fear concept, although the terribleness of the movie might just make you afraid of it.

SavageKuma2991d ago

damn....oh that caught me off guard lol.

BigBosss2991d ago

I was playing this at my mates house for NYE with couple of friends and a girl and man o man the guy who was playing it was scared shitless haha! Can't wait to hear more about this game