Where Does GTA Go From Here?

CheatCC says - "It’s all about location, location, location…

I’m about to win an award for understatement of the year (both 2014 and 2015) by announcing this obvious fact: GTA V was a fairly well received title amongst gamers. Rarely can a game make such a huge splash twice in one year, but its release on the next-gen consoles did just that a few short months back. But after bringing things like improved graphics and a stellar first-person mode to the table, where does the series go from here?"

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daBUSHwhaka2396d ago


BiggCMan2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Eh. Hopefully it just goes to a better story. I'm quite annoyed with Rockstar getting a free pass on making boring stories lately.

They make some of the most well crafted games, that is undeniable for sure. And their gameplay style is definitely fun. But I haven't cared or been captivated by a Rockstar Games story since San Andreas, and to me that is just annoying.

GTA 4 had such a dry story that just dragged on with annoying characters. Red Dead Redemption felt the same to me, and GTA 5 lost its focus with 3 characters who, while interesting, never reached their maximum potential. I haven't played Max Payne 3 so I can't judge.

I know I will get slammed for saying this since Rockstar are considered gods among developers. And they are in their technical prowess. But their storytelling has been severely lacking, and I think people are blinded by the fact that their games are just so big and filled with activities.

That is fine of course, nothing wrong with that. But 40 million sales for GTA 5, and I bet most of us cannot recall a lot of the events that took place. Whereas most fans of San Andreas could tell scene for scene, what the plot was.

imtheman20132396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I personally loved Red Dead Redemption's story. Same deal with Grand Theft Auto V's. I liked them for the same reason: both had protagonists that I loved to hate. John Marston, while definitely out to better his life and redeem his past, was still a pretty shitty guy. And the three protagonists in GTAV are just so hilariously stereotypical that I can't help but like them. I guess I'm just into the whole "anti-hero" thing.

I highly recommend you play Max Payne 3, if at least for the shooting mechanics. I really enjoyed Max Payne 3's story, but the solid gunplay is what really makes that game shine.

Fez2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

*GTAV spoilers may follow*

Spot on BiggCMan. A colleague was just talking about one of the missions on V which sounded good fun but for the life of me I couldn't remember it at all. There's only about 4 missions I can remember and two of those are side quests.

And that ending was pretty terrible it has to be said. Pointless decision thrown in at the end.. Much like the far cry 3 ending.
And who was the bad guy in GTA V? Honestly can't remember.. Was it Trevor? Cause he was definitely the most morally reprehensible.

Max Payne 3's story and the way it was told was better but petty formulaic overall. Great characters helped make the story engaging though. Great game too.

As long as it's not GTA Dundee!

imtheman20132396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I feel like Grand Theft Auto has to stay in the United States, just because we're the easiest to make fun of, especially when it comes to pop-culture and the like. Maybe take the game south? Like, Texas or something? Somewhere that Rockstar could heavily satirize, and something that hasn't already been done like New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. I would say Chicago, but that's essentially New York... maybe Detroit? I don't know, they've done the big ones already that now they really are running out of locations that would suit their type of humor. The gameplay would work basically anywhere, but the heavy satire on US culture is what really separates GTA from its competition, and one of the primary reasons I love the series.

OrangePowerz2396d ago

New Jersey? Guess that would be too easy :D

OhMyGandhi2396d ago

I live in Detroit, would absolutely love a GTA set here.

NukaCola2396d ago

I was thinking the upper midwest too. Chicago, Detroit area or something cold and blustery.

There is plenty of city, suburbs, and wilderness.
Can focus on huge lakes and rivers.
You could have Arabs and Canadians as the "minorities"
This would make a great setting for snow and other weather effects.

I think it would be a really good place to go outside the 3 main known locations.

If they wanted to do a female focused game, I would not mind seeing PAM GRIER play a Coffy/Foxy Brown type of character, but I really think that would be best if they ever made a San Andreas Stories.

BC_Master_Haze2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I doubt many Canadian people would be caught dead in Detroit, but you could have the great Lakes and the boarder at the top fifth of the map. You could buy a passport similar to how you needed to buy the hanger in GTA V to avoid instant 3 stars and getting the RCMP on you. That wouldn't make for a bad character either, another gun dealer but this time you could be the smuggler.

AMWWORKS2396d ago

I would love to Detroit as the next location for GTA. but not just Detroit but Flint and Pontiac also. Plus there are a lot of extremely wealthy suburbs just outside of Detroit. Also the automotive industry and corrupt unions would make an interesting story.

-Foxtrot2396d ago

Vice City, One character, an updated bigger map

The new Vice City should mostly stay the same but since the game can handle bigger environments have it at the corner of the map and spread the rest of the map out with smaller islands and then a massive main land at the opposite end.

orakle442396d ago

Yes, would love another vice city set in the 80's. Great music, great culture, the original vice city was special.

xxchicago33xx2396d ago

Some sort of faux Japan...think it could be very good

OrangePowerz2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I don't mind making a trip back in time to the 60s, 70s or 80s. After all Vice City is one of my favourite GTA games next to San Andreas.

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