Red Dead Redemption Dev's New Game To Have "Dynamic Multiplayer" Gameplay

Rockstar San Diego are no doubt hard at work on their next hit, and not too soon either - it's been almost five years since they released the phenomenal Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Some new details on their next game have emerged via a new job listing on the company website, indicating that whatever they're up to will feature the two words that single-player enthusiasts despise: dynamic multiplayer.

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Golden_Mud2200d ago

This is amazingly freaking awesomely goodly awesome , I just seriously am excited to know Rockstar Games newest project , I seriously am , aren't they amazing , I don't care whatever system it's on but I'll buy it ._.

chrish19902200d ago

So I'm guessing you're a fan of their games, yeah?

memots2199d ago

I think this would be preferable if they do something more similar to Demon/dark Soul.

camel_toad2199d ago

My thoughts exactly. Thats what I get from their wording too. Im more of a single-player experience over mp but I loved how the Souls games implemented the MP with the SP. Id crap my pants with brown happiness if I was playing the next Red Dead with a bounty on my head having to constantly watch over my shoulder for human bounty hunters.

memots2199d ago

At Camel_Toad

Exactly, I don't want a deatmatch or capture the flag crap in there. You need to be playing the single player story with random event/other player that could interact, not a full fire fight ala Gta5 please.

Just small interaction like you said some kind of Bounty system/nemesis system or player trying to get to their bounty the fastest ect .. Just not PVP only please.

ATi_Elite2199d ago

Why does this article have a PC tag?

I mean RDR is the ultimate console game consolers like to roll out when bragging about console exclusives so what's with the PC tag?

Unless..... rdr2 is coming to PC.

-Foxtrot2200d ago

I want it to be Red Dead but with the focus on multiplayer hopefully not. Did GTA Online teach them nothing...hell its even held the single player Dlc back

BiggerBoss2200d ago

But even the last RDR had a huge focus on multiplayer, not too different from GTA online itself.

But I do agree. Most people buy these games for the incredible single player experience, and thats what R* should really focus on delivering. Im fine with an extensive multiplayer mode, just as long as it doesnt detract too much from the SP. This is especially true for the Red Dead franchise, because I feel RDRedemption was one of the best sandbox games of all time.

-Foxtrot2200d ago

I didn't think it was a huge focus, it was basically what they had built up in GTA4 and put into Red Dead, it felt like a copy and paste job with small improvements...they didn't spend a huge lot of time to make it ground breaking and different. I mean why should they, nobody plays there games for the online. I'm waiting patiently still for some single player DLC but all I've heard is "Online this" and "Online that" since it's bloody launch...heists being a part of that.

With the money Rockstar titles make they should either do single player games AND THEN add an online mode later or do a new IP built up for multiplayer. Yeah Rockstar craft some nice games but regardless how well the developer works you'll always think "GOD, this is great but imagine how much greater it could actually be if they worked on X,Y,Z more".

GTA Online for example could of been done by a different studio and released the next year because lets face it with the small delay after GTAVs launch and the problems it then had it felt like we got the multiplayer side of GTA separately

DarkOcelet2200d ago

Its a shame that nowadays every game focus more on mp. I never bought a R* game for the mp and neither do i care about it. And i wish that all the resources could be poured on the sp and make it bigger and better.

98xpresent2200d ago

I want them to focus on sp & mp equally. Sort of like how kojima is doing with mgsV

Kane222200d ago

I miss the days when online wasn't the focus. not even in "single player" games. im happy for the options for people who loved them. but damn, not every freaking game needs it. i love playing alone and shouldn't be punished for it.

SUCKxITxEZ2199d ago

It's too bad they can't pull off both really well like MGS, but I guess there's only one kojima.

Solidus892200d ago

I wouldn't read too much into this. The post was for a network engineer, so naturally it's going to focus on online aspects.

gamey2199d ago

They nailed the single-player in RDR and the multiplayer was damn fun too. I trust their history on this. They are such top-notch developers it's hard to see them flopping out on either aspect of a new game.

XXXL2199d ago

If it's new Red Dead it better have a kickass SP experience. I'm sick and tired of these developers forcing this co-op bullshit down our throats.

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