How Hard Do You Rage Quit?

Do you scream or are you, like, just a silent, revenge plotting, type?

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DarkOcelet1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Usually i am a silent person when it comes to these games. Except maybe for an instance or two like challenge four in Vanquish ( it was a B!#$/) and Chapter 2 AKUMU mode, other than that i am really calm :) . Glad to see another Kingdom hearts fan too.

Relientk771377d ago

It's rare but sometimes I throw my controller. I throw it on the sofa or at a pillow on the sofa I sit on so the controller doesn't break. Because I'm a smart rage quiter lol

SegaGamer1376d ago

I'm the same, if a game frustrates me too much i would never just throw my controller on the floor, somewhere soft is always the best thing to do :p

I never really rage quit either, i just rage and carry on playing :p

1376d ago