News Network Uses Metal Gear Picture During Paris Attack Story

Hardcore Gamer: A French-Canadian news network recently ran a news story covering the recent attacks that occurred in Paris. However, they used an unfortunate image during their coverage.

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DarkOcelet2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

This is not the first time a news network uses MGS , there was one that used the children of Africa but its really weird they use it. Next thing you know they might ban MGS because it has a cardbox in it that resembles real tragic events.

pedrof932690d ago

He is actually saying that this is a reproduction of the scene where the hostage was hided and call the cops.

Just lol.

DarkOcelet2690d ago

Who hides in a cardbox lol. But at least now we wont laugh when we know that cardboxes can useful in real life. I tell you MGS is ahead of its time.

Pogmathoin2690d ago

Cowards like those lesser than excrement who carry out carnage in the name of a peaceful brutal warlord....

Soldierone2690d ago

Uh oh, card board boxes will be banned now and the news will say MGS is the devil because it teaches you how to use a cardboard box.....

Nwah2690d ago

If this was in the UK, maybe. Considering you have to be 18 to buy any sort of knife at all, including plastic butter knives.

Soldierone2690d ago

Funny thing is here in the US I was buying a bunch of stuff as props for a film a while ago, when I was like 17.

I had everything like fake airsoft guns, a gun holster, knives etc... I get to the cashier not thinking a thing about it since I didn't have real guns. The cashier got an alert, then a manager came, then they were checking my ID's and questioning me why I was buying it, then they go "well you can't buy some of this stuff."

They took the gas powered hand guns out (I had no ammo or gas canisters, it just looked good as a prop), the camo gear I had, and even the gun holster away from me. I asked "Why not the holster? I don't have a gun anymore since you took that," and they wouldn't give it to me. Yet I still walked out of the store with a combat knife and some butterfly ones, a ski mask, and a paintball mask.... lol (Note, I just went to a military store and got the guns with no problem :P)

SilentNegotiator2690d ago


What state were you in?

Skate-AK2690d ago

Lol. I would love for someone to translate what he is saying.