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We take Sunset Overdrive for a spin to see if the apocalypse is all it's cracked up to be...

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XboxSucksOne1382d ago

Played it for half an hour, haven't touched it since. Definitely not a 9 or even 8, maybe a 7.

PraxxtorCruel1382d ago

Joined 1 hour ago and already posted 14 comments of which I'm pretty sure are all troll comments.

christocolus1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

lol...who is this guy? your name actually makes your comment irrelevant.


just ignore him dude.

guys let him be.the troll has finally run out of bubbles. i'm sure he'll start replying using pms now.

No_Limit1382d ago ShowReplies(1)
PeaSFor1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

how the hell could you give a 7 if you stopped after 30min? thats just low quality troll bullshit.

anyway, personally the hipster jokes started to get old for me after an hour, being a HUGE Insomniac fan i wouldnt give the game more than a 6/10.

kpat19821382d ago

You are the reason people think gamers are virgins, well done flower, take a bow

holysmokesbatman1382d ago

It took a couple of hours for me to get into It properly, didn't care much for it at first but once you get over that initial hump it's addictive as hell, easily a 9 imo, and one of the best new IPs I've played in years, looking forward to a sequel already tbh

DragonbornZ1382d ago

"Played it for half an hour"
Lol no you haven't.

u got owned1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Open account an hour ago, down to one bubble probably in one day .

My GOTY 2014

700p1381d ago

I should make a new acc saying PS4Sucks

Andofaus1381d ago

So I guess we can expect allot more troll comments for you until the order 1886 comes out. And then we'll hear from you again the following day after you've returned it.

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pop-voxuli1382d ago

Wow, someone's feeling generous today!! I played it, and it's an easy 6 maybe a 7 at very best.

PeaSFor1382d ago

the hipster jokes started to get old after an hour, being a HUGE Insomniac fan, i wouldnt give the game more than a 6/10.

christocolus1382d ago


cant you stop trolling xbox articles? i've seen some of your comments this week and most have been anti xbox. you even called xbox fans perverts in another article. find somethng else to do ok?. there's a reason you got just one bubble left.

christocolus1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Had a blast with SO. Insomniac did good. Hope they work again with MS on something else. a conker game by insomniac would be great though.

urwifeminder1382d ago

Great game this and Horizon 2 are the biggest joy on xbox hope MS uses them more in the future.

MasterChief841381d ago

Just recently got SO... And it is hilariously fun.. Having a great time! I find myself giggling at everything, I love the animations, the over the top explosions and weapons... It feels and plays different to everything else out there, breath of fresh air. 9 out of 10 is a great score!

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