EA Gets F2P Right with SimCity BuildIt for iOS and Android Devices

EB's Matt Heywood writes, "EA is no stranger to the free-to-play model, especially on iOS and Android devices where the developer has released many of its franchises for under $1, or free altogether. Many gamers consider EA to be evil at times, and while it has had a few bungled launches and curious policies, the publisher has also created a few gems to waste some time on that are well worth downloading."

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Jackhass1431d ago

A free-to-play SimCity game that's not terrible? EA learning from its mistakes? What strange universe have I stumbled into?

Takwin1431d ago

This game did NOT get microtransactions right. From the reviews, people had said how it would take hours of play time for even one pipe. It sounded awful when I read through about 10 pages of reviews. So awful and poorly designed, that it makes me question this entire article and the site itself. The iOS Sim a City game is objectively terrible to anyone who enjoyed SimCity 4, or hell even 5 which had some great features stuck behind tiny cities and some other minor quibbles.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1430d ago

It really does work well in small spurts, not as a full fledged Sim City mobile port that you spend hours at a time playing. In that case you would need to pay real money.

It can offer up enjoyable 15-20 minute play sessions to break up your day with never paying a dime of real money, which works just fine for my mobile gaming tastes.

Try it out, if you hate it it's free, so nothing lost.

pompombrum1430d ago

Honestly, I'd rather they just gave me the option to buy it for a set price and let me play it when and how I wanted. I personally don't want to invest time in a game where I get pay walled because my bus is ten minutes late.

pompombrum1430d ago

Sums up my experience also.. saw a Sim City game on the android store, realizing it was a f2p EA game, I done what any other sane gamer would do and checked the reviews.. took me less than a minute before I had seen enough and decided I wouldn't be missing much.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1430d ago

I agree with your point about just selling it straight up for sure, but I still encourage people to at least try it since it doesn't cost a thing.

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