Powerful Obox Console Unleashed At CES 2015

Snail Games Announce Android Console At CES 2015

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AO1JMM1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Silly China, but it sounds much more impressive than anything else I have seen coming out of China.

That 360 controller tho.

Andofaus1472d ago

Powerful? In comparison to what the 360 and ps3.

shotime971472d ago

what a rip off 4 gig's of ram hell the watcher min spec's are calling for eight gig's. I'm, going to build a console and call it the (fun station) china

joeorc1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )


For a mobilechip set, 4GB of ram is no joke, esp. When the Unity 3D game engine is used for development, and the Arm Cortex designed mobile chip is clocked that High, if there is good passive heat dissipation than this Micro console should in performance do quite well.

for a Micro console with those specs, it can run. Really good graphics at a stable clock speed/ the only draw back and this is one that all micro consoles built for gaming, and many high end smart phones and tablets have. Is development team size needs to be much larger and budgets have to be increased to take advantage of such hardware performance.

for mobilechip sets now that are used, it takes more budget and larger scaled teams because even though these are mobile chips, and even though they are slightly more robust in performance / power than the ps3 and xbox360 the team size needs to be just as large in some cases to build games for these mobile chipsets.

John Carmack had a very good key note about this very point about how the chips in these new Mobile setups need large teams and investment like it is for traditional Game console development, and the problem is its one or the other in most cases because you cannot do it all if you want consoles or this micro console is getting to the point you would need to split to have dedicated teams and that requires more money and invesment to establish such development teams.

the advantage is the hardware inside is up for the task for game development and the game engines for mobile scale are quite well established, the other problem is the workforce, because of the speed of Smartphone and smart devices growth in the market. The manpower with real good experience with such hardware has not caught up yet.. its growing but needs more people with that experience working with higher end mobile chips of Arm Cortex for Game Development.

DougLord1472d ago

If this had the new X1 it would be quite potent. Remember this is for playing $5 Android games not $60 + DLC AAA games.