Kutaragi removed from job in Sony PlayStation management shakeup

In a shock move, the PlayStation godfather, Ken Kutaragi, has been eased out of his position as president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and will be replaced by Kaz Hirai, the head of SCEI's US division.

Kutaragi loses day-to-to control of the division responsible for the PlayStation lineup, instead becoming chairman and group CEO. The move is likely to be seen as connected to the PS3 launch delays and poor PlayStation Portable (PSP) sales.

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CG4343d ago

Sony fires one jackass and replaces him with an even bigger jackass. Way to go sony!!!!

Sphinx4343d ago

I didn't see that coming!

2tired2day2hate4343d ago

me neither. it shouldnt be hard to do a better job than this guy did

Shadow Flare4343d ago

Well considering Kutaragi launched the playstation franchise into legendary status, sold hundreds of millions of units and destroyed whatever "competition" they had thrown at them, then i think Kutaragi deserves some respect. Otherwise none of us would be playing the kind of games we do now, we'd still be jumping on mushrooms with a fat queer plumber. And if Kutaragi did a bad job then what about Miyamoto and those microsoft clowns?

MicroGamer4343d ago

in business it isn't about what you've done, it's about what you've done LATELY and lately Kutaragi's resume isn't so hot with all the PS3 delays and problems and the fact that DS is running away from PSP in sales. I don't see Hirai doing a whole lot better, but it would certainly be hard for him to do any worse.

Raist4343d ago

Ok so why everyone was dancing around when nolan bushnell said that the PS3 was gonna suck. AFAIK this dude is out since the 80's

BIadestarX4343d ago

Why would someone get fired when they are doing a good job? I wonder what he did wrong? .... I know... the PS3.

gearhead4343d ago

The hype for the PS# is dead, Blu-Ray is losing the format war, and the PS3 is getting spanked in sales by a 1 year old system.

360 pwns!

shysun4343d ago

PS3 sold more than the 360 in the US and Japan,last month.

gearhead4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

How did it sell more last month when it was released this month? Uh it didn't sell more, it is getting spanked in the US and Europe by the XBox 360.

Several large news corporations said the 360 sold the most followed by the Wii, then the PS3. The 360 had almost double the sales of the Wii. I believe CNN, ABC, etc.. before I believe a 12 year old in puberty

Thugbot1874343d ago

Shysun news flash Japan is the 3rd largest market 1st being us 2nd Europe and the xbox360 is doing great there can’t said that for the PS3 though. Microsoft really doesn’t need Japan to be successful.