Exclusives Aren't Healthy for the Industry

CheatCC says - "Two games announced in 2014--Street Fighter 5 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider--seem to be signaling the return of a dark trend from gaming's past. Here's hoping things play out better than they did the last time our industry went through this faulty-logic arms race."

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Rimeskeem1381d ago

Third Party should not be exclusives but first party should

PeaSFor1381d ago

what about bayonetta 2 or SF5 which wouldnt even exist without funding?

Rimeskeem1381d ago

I guess i should have said Third party games should not be exclusives unless they need the extra funding from companies.

aLucidMind1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Street Fighter 5 would so exist without Sony's funding. I don't see how anyone thinks Capcom is in such bad shape financially that they couldn't do it on their own. All Sony did with Capcom was exactly what Microsoft did with Square Enix: bought exclusivity rights to a game.

breakpad1380d ago

yes they are (healthy ) ..these articles are sit and must stop

Lightning Mr Bubbles1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Well I'm a PS4 owner so all PS4 exclusives are healthy for me and not XBOX One.

XBOX One has it's own exclusives also so you can't have them all.

q8kik1380d ago

I read somewhere that SF5 would've existed even without Sony's help but it would have been a 2018 title.

Hellsvacancy1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

"SF5 which wouldn't even exist without funding"

Lol, why do people say that, do you honestly think if it wasn't for Sony SF5 wouldn't ever get made, it's one of Crapcoms biggest franchises, same with Resident Evil, no way would they leave theses games to die because "we've go no moneyz"

Morpheuzpr1380d ago


Yoshinori Ono himself said that the earliest SF5 could release was beyond 2016. Now we need to remember that this is a fighting game which mean it doesn't need much development time. So yeah I "could" have existed but it was uncertain.

starchild1380d ago

Yeah, but we basically have to take their word for it and a lot of times it's just bullshit. Similar to the "this game is only possible on X console" nonsense. I'm sure it's true sometimes, but I'm always going to be skeptical and I think that exclusives from 3rd parties generally only hurt gamers.

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colonel1791380d ago

first party of course wii be exclusive.. except for minecraft.

Third party exclusive ARE healthy for the industry. It drives competition, allows developers to make better games or at least use the potential of the consoles.

What is NOT healthy, it's dirty tactics to get a third party exclusive (whoever makes them)

BoNeSaW231380d ago

And every game should be free-to-play because then you wouldn't have to pay for anything unless you wanted more weapons,costumes,character or levels right?

Who cares that the Devs are in a INVESTMENT Business right?

"I don't want to have to buy another console to play a game that I want! Life is sooooo expensive!" These comments will be incoming

CocoWolfie1381d ago

its well known that third party exclusives arent great. but know they do offer a lot of influence. i know i would of loved to of play bayonetta 2, and rn i cant afford the few hundred itll cost. maybe someday, but then you see that influence, that "man i wanna play that", that sucks if you dont own that console, or you cant afford it, but yeah... it works, and at least rn street fighter is coming to pc and tomb raider is being hinted at being timed after awhile, so hopefully who ever you at least get some if you enjoy any of these :')

The7Reaper1381d ago

I hate exclusives they just start fanboy wars "PlayStation has better exclusives" "no they don't XBox does" sick of it that's all you see

LarVanian1380d ago

If that's the case, why don't you just hate the platforms? The exclusives are made for them after all. If there honestly is anyone you should hate, it should just be the fanboys themselves.

OB1Biker1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Just makes me think Microsoft has been marketing the Xbone everywhere as with 'the best exclusive games' which I think is a lie considering how subjective 'best' is and people different opinions.

Sony certainly promote their exclusives but I havent seen the same thing unless Im wrong and someone shows me. though both say the best place to play, best online etc. so eventually its just marketing stuff the companies do which are mirrored by the fanboys
So thats not about just the fanboys

DOMination-1380d ago

So you want consoles to be the same? Exclusives mark their identity. The more, the better imo.

Darkwatchman1380d ago

It's such a tired argument. Exclusives are good, when one platform or platform holder obtains an exclusive that is critically acclaimed or loved by many, the competition will invest heavily in making an even better exclusive and they constantly try to outdo each other, resulting in better games for the consumer even if he/she may not own all the platforms to play all the games. Exclusives and competition among them is good for healthy growth in the industry.

rainslacker1380d ago

That's rather subjective. I personally am not that excited about SFV despite being a PS fan, yet would really like to play ROTTR, so for me, the competition doesn't really benefit me that much. I'm sure the situation is reversed for someone somewhere else.

Overall, the 3rd party exclusive only really benefits the platform maker, and possibly the publisher if they do things right. The gamer is rarely a consideration when it comes to 3rd party exclusives. Providing exclusive content that would have come to the system either way is hardly a productive use of funds from the gamers standpoint....TitanFall being a good example.

IWentBrokeForGaming1380d ago

If there weren't console specific exclusive games we could go to a single console with games from each brands devs! Could this be in the future?

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