Top 7 Games for New jRPG Players

Nerds on the Rocks helps you to pick up your very first jRPG with this list of some beginner friendly games in the genre.

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joab7771746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Or try Ni No Kuni. It's newer, gorgeous, funny, and not too difficult to learn. One of my favorite games last gen...along with Valkyria Chronicles.

sssb1746d ago

Yea Ni No Kuni amazing jrpg game, it's like beautiful dream you don't like to wake up from it.

Nerdmaster1746d ago

I don't think that the bad AI of your party members or the overly silly plot are the best way to get people to like JRPGs.

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rextraordinaire1746d ago

Mystic Quest would be a good starting point.

DivineHand1251746d ago

My list for JRPG new comers:

Paper Mario 64
Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga
Golden Sun
Final Fantasy 9