Microsoft to show their Wii-mote killer at E3?

An inside tip that we have received from an anonymous user has told us that Microsoft will be showing their Wii-mote killer at E3 this year.

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toughNAME5072d ago

Sony's, Micro-mote killer that is exactly like Microsoft's

But of course Sony's 'killer' will pull a Killzone

mikeslemonade5072d ago

Microsoft demonstrating the "micromote" in the E3 conference would make it a pretty lackluser conference. 360 fans are clamoring for the next AAA game.

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TheExodus5072d ago

If the build quality of this thing is anything like the 360 then the Wii has absolutely nothing to worry about.

badz1495072d ago

Ninty has nothing to be worried about from the very beginning! Wiimote killer? what a joke! it will just be another accessory for 360 but you'll never see soccer moms or granpas or grandmas suddenly throwing their Wii away and rush for the 360 instead! that will NEVER happen! this newton thing is arriving too little too late to even make a decent impact let alone kill the Wii.

Real gamer 4 life5072d ago

So now sony and microsoft are releasing their own wii controlle?

badz1495072d ago

don't forget the STICK - Wiimote for PC! the gaming world is going WIImote crazy!

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The story is too old to be commented.