Seven Games I Want to See on the Virtual Console in 2015

"It being the start of a new year, it’s only natural for us to wonder about what things the next twelve months might hold. Since I happen to really like Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, it’s also only natural for me to wonder about the games we’ll see added to it before 2016 arrives. I suppose some of these are a little optimistic (though still within the realm of possibility) so consider this more of a wish list than a list of predictions." - Rice Digital

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thorstein1381d ago


Dragon Quest 1-4

LightDiego1381d ago

Really want to play Donkey Kong 64 again, and i hope the next game of the series it's a 3D platformer as well.

medabotds1381d ago

Definitely need to get some Sega games up on the Wii U! They were on the Wii VC. What went wrong?