If Microsoft Buys SEGA, who will lose the most?

If Microsoft buys SEGA, who will hurt or lose the most? There has been a rumor of "Microsoft buying SEGA" and well if Microsoft did buy SEGA what would happen.

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ape0075071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

I want crazy taxi
sonic adventures 3
jet set radio
house of the dead
zombie revenge

morganfell5071d ago

I was expecting more from the MS desperation act known as "Let's just make some crap up and throw it out there".

Must be nice not to need an innovative piece of hardware but rather market a machine that dies constantly and back it up will plenty of acolytes willing to open a half-ass website and just invent unsubstantiated rumors. But then again if you look at the intelligence level of persons willing to swallow such crap it isn't all that mysterious.

Bnet3435071d ago

I hope they do it, Sega[Sammy] is a mess. I pray every night for Jet Set Radio Future 2. The reason Sega isn't ambitious about their games is because they are scared and don't want to risk losing money hence why Sonic The Hedgehog for PS3/X360 flopped.

mikeslemonade5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Sega is a waste of money I don't see how the 360 can be profitable from them. The sega sports games, the sonic games on wii, and all the last generation casual games are profitable. But coming on 360 they have to spend so much more for the advanced graphics but the games aren't going sell well except for Shemmue 3 that is the one exception. Shemmue 3 is probably 360 exclusive regardless if MS buys them or not so buying Sega would be pointless and a waste of money.

Hoggy19835070d ago

Me too. Id like to actually discuss what great games Sega can produce if the Sony fanboys hadnt completely overrun this topic with bile.

kewlkat0075070d ago

I swear, I've always looked at the Xbox 360 as the re-incarnation of my beloved Dreamcast.

Well the only reason this would be good is that MS sure needs the help in the 1st-party boat.

They just do. Their money seem to speak the loudest instead of their 1st-part why not.

Tommy Vercetti5070d ago

Kigmal you are 100% correct. The last great games made by sega were on the original xbox. Shenmue 2, JSRF, and Panzer Dragoon Orta. They all flopped commercially and sega has not taken a risk or made a great game since. I don't see how people can disagree.

Morganfell we get it. You hate XBOX. Save your rants for the open zone fanboy.

NO_PUDding5070d ago

Oh yes Kigmal, and Micrsoft would help Sega how!?

Microsoft are just as stingy, and wait for others to innovate and take risks, before doing so themselves. That's why they are alwasy playing catchup everywhere but America. And Why America? Well I'll tell you why and it also goes for UK and I am fully British, it's becuase of the insularity.

Chris Bosh5070d ago

Why would they wantto buy sega???

They suk, especially the new sonic the hedgehog.

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toughNAME5071d ago

Save your money for Apple

or Sony...which ever falls to Microsofts superior products first

White-Sharingan5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

your right

the Zune is better than the Sony MP3s; but the 360 over the PS3?

superior? too funny

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znu5071d ago

excuse me if i'm not quoting this brilliant comment right

"everyone has a right to their own opinion, and i have the right to sh*t on it"

crck5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

There is no way MS can buy Apple. So your so called opinion is based on ignorance. Secondly, I was just stating my opinion. I don't remember calling you any names just what you've been doing all day in my opinion. But dry those tears Little One I apologize if I hurt your feelings.

Skip_Bayless5071d ago

Toughname, recently you have been more desperate i've seen. Before you were less bias against Sony. Perhaps your scared of the 360 falling into 3rd pace?

r2kcipher5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

sony is a much bigger company and u call vista a superior product. stay in school kid. products that aren't reliable cant be considered superior to ones that are imo.

mistertwoturbo5070d ago

Yup superior products indeed. Turns to reliability section...

LJWooly5070d ago (Edited 5070d ago )

He's joking people... I'm fairly sure he doesn't honestly believe that Sony would be bought out by Microsoft.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI5071d ago

Oh wow do they want to screw themselves over? SEGA has been sucking for some time, it will only do them bad.