Global Shortage Of Blu-ray Disc Pick-Up Heads Expected To Ease In 2007.

As Nichia and Sony will increase production of blue laser diodes used in Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives and Sharp recently joining such production, the current global shortage of BD pick-up heads (PUHs), in which blue laser diodes is a key component, will gradually relax next year, according to sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive industry.

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Thugbot1874343d ago

Bad news for the BLU-RAY CAMP.

Watapata4343d ago

how so? The shortages easing are quite good for Blu-Ray...

Thugbot1874343d ago

Sharp doesn’t use the same patent specifications as Nichia or Sony. The blue-laser diodes they make are slightly larger. As we know BLU-RAY is very touchy technology, and something like that could cause problems. All that speculation but I’m sure if it was a big deal news what have come out saying so.

Marty83704342d ago

Idiots,how is this bad news.If production is upped,PS3 demand can be met.And Blu-ray will win the Nex Gen DVD format war.This is very very good news for PS3 & Blu-ray.

Scrumptious4342d ago

This means more P$3's collecting dust in the store. HD-DVD will prevail along with the 360. This is common sense.