Lost Planet Interview

It's rare that a demo is released several months ahead of the full game's release but Capcom did exactly that with Lost Planet, their Xbox 360 exclusive sci-fi action game. The single player demo was released in time for E3 2006 last May and last week a multiplayer demo was also released. With the full game now due for release in January, FiringSquad got some more info about Lost Planet via Jack Symon, the director of brand marketing for Capcom.

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power of Green 4339d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

One of the best online games and the most fun i'v played on the Xbox 1 or 2.

I knew it would be a hit, everybodies saying it grows on you quikly; after thinking it was ok but now realize it's true next-gen, play the demo and almost everbody will say it's a blast and after a few plays it's AAA great.

Even the Physics in multi player are still amoung the most advanced i'v ever seen.

ooogabooga234339d ago

The maps need to be smaller in multiplayer

power of Green 4339d ago

No way should the maps be smaller, it's just the Demo, in the full game they'll have the good Mechs that are much larger and the 16(8 on 8)players you get with the Demo.

The full game will have 28(14 on 14).

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4338d ago

RE5 is coming out on the 360, "bones"