Best Indie Game of 2014

gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "2014 was packed full of brilliant indie games; games that chose their own direction in realm of graphics and gameplay, and which provided some of the most unique gaming experiences of the year. With a wealth of potential titles to choose from, it was hard to create a shortlist, let alone pick a winner, but eventually we managed it and here are the results."

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caseh2953d ago

If it had online multiplayer, Towerfall would have been pretty epic.

As it is, playing a few of the story levels was enough to make me lose interest after about 30 mins. Shame really as it's an interesting take on the games I grew up with like Snow Bros. and Bubble Bobble.

mmcglasson2953d ago

I haven't played a lot of Indie games (a few but not all of them). I will say I've been having a blast with Secret Ponchos. I have put well over 20 hours into that game now. The multi-player is outstanding. I know it had it's issues when it first came out but those have mostly been resolved. Even matchmaking is quicker now.

CriticalHit2953d ago

There were some pretty awesome Indies this year. Nidhogg, Olli Olli, Towerfall, Sportsfriends and Crypt of the Necrodancer to name a few. But my favourite has to be The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It's not just my Indie of the year (not that I think they should be seperated from the triple A games), but my overall game of the year too. It's just fantastic!