Fallout 3 Banned In Australia?

Fallout 3 has just very recently gone through the initial review process by the board of the OFLC and has been refused classification. Apparently the game includes the use of Morphine by your character. By all accounts this did not sit well with the Board as the portrayal of the unregulated use of proscribed substances is a bit of a no no and will damage the fragile minds of Australia's game-playing populace.

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Fishy Fingers4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

"the use of Morphine", yes the use of a real world pain killer in a game, it's easy to see why this would cause gross offense and result in a ban, personally, the prospect of using Morphine rather than a "med kit" makes me sick, What an absolutely disgusting prospect.

Obviously, that's sarcasm, I feel truly sorry for the Australian gamer, it should be you who chooses whats appropriate or not, not some board of tight arse'


andron4175d ago

Since it's generally easy to import them anyway.

Why not just rate it R18, and have it sold legally?

Bans are also counter productive. Making kids even more interested in "illegal" games...

The Dark Knight4175d ago

Its alright i have a ps3 :)

mistertwoturbo4175d ago

Yup, just like real life drugs. You tell the kids "drugs will make you feel good, high, and on top of the world for now! But you will regret it later!"

It will only make them more interested.

FCOLitsjustagame4175d ago

Right, thats just crazy. If you call it a medkit or medical nanites or some kind of other made up word its OK? But calling it something that may exist in the real world isnt? And apparently they didnt have a problem with the whole Nuclear Holacost thing?

meepmoopmeep4175d ago

PS3 owners have no worries.

Region Free FTW!

radzy4175d ago

ha ha ha (in a dracula laugh type way)

meepmoopmeep4175d ago


support your devs' dude!

VMAN_014175d ago

Man I live in Australia, this really sucks but I guess I can just import the game for PS3.

Panthers4175d ago

Thats stupid they can ban games. Especially for the reasons they just said

eddierivera4175d ago

Australia would be a gay place to live. Thank god for the u.s. of a.

Big Jim4175d ago

You make America look bad when you make comments like that.

PirateThom4175d ago

Yeah, the USA which nearly imploded at an exposed breast on TV.

Panthers4175d ago

No kidding. That was a great super bowl too. The thing about US is that people here care more about boobies than blood and guts.

gogators4175d ago

that breast wasn't even fully exposed. Wardrobe malfunction my ass.

mistertwoturbo4175d ago

Why the singling out of single countries? Every country has it's own problems.

kalos4174d ago

Yeah, because American media censorship is so radically different from Australian censorship. Face it, most nations have banned films, games, or even books for really stupid reasons, American is far from immune from that.

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The story is too old to be commented.